25 Promises from Allah to the Believers

Anwar al-Awlaki

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  1. Doa says:

    does anyone know who the reciter is (in the middle, when different verses are referenced)?

  2. Doa says:

    oh jk hehe ghamdi?

  3. Kassim abdalla says:

    imam Anwar.
    has so many nice reciter, that i can never find out their name………. i hate it… please if anyone knows where i can find out the list of the reciters… let me know…
    and listen with your heart open…. and pay attention and put what you learn into action.. ameen.
    aasalamu aleykum.

  4. Abdi Jama says:

    mashallah beutiful

  5. Akhi says:

    Assalamu’alaikum wrbt

    If I’m not mistaken, that voice sounds like Qari Syeikh Syahatah (Mekah). Wallahu’alam

  6. Mehmed says:

    The recitor is Saad al-Ghamdi. Im almost positive…

  7. mohamed says:

    salam all its saad al ghamdi i know cause i got the whole quran recited by him mashallah is excellent salam

  8. Umm-Rumaysah says:

    Masha’allah. This is such a good site and its beneficial. The quran reciters on sheikh anwars lectures are mostly: Abubakr Ash-Shatiri, Sheikh Sad Ghamidi,. Thats what i remember on top of my head insha’allah i’ll let you know if i find out more.

  9. Nusseyba says:

    Tabarak Allah, what a lecture!

  10. Subhanallah this sheikh is truly articulate and knowledgeable may Allah grant him such splendours as mentioned, may Allah grant such splendours to the Ummah of sayidinah Muhammad

  11. iamcrazy says:

    Walaikum Asalam;



  12. BADR says:

    Marshallah good speech

    i was wondering if there is any way posssible to get the talk downloaded on the pc?

  13. Shama says:

    I think the reciter of the verses is Mishari-Rashid. I’m not sure, but it may be him.

    Allah knows best

  14. fatima says:


    you can go to http://www.islamway.com

    you will find approximately 100 different qaris


  15. Huda says:


    I love this Lecture it has so much benifts, and many things we can implement inshallah.

    If anyone wants the MP3 version, follow this link:


    BTW the recitor is 100% Sa’ad Al-Ghamidi, you can find him and other recitors on islamway.com


  16. bint mohamed says:

    i m really pleased with this speakers knowledge. may allah be pleased with him as well and grant him jannah.
    i want to know his refrences. mashallah, from where does he have so much knowledge? may allah bless him in his knowledge.
    do you have his vedios?

  17. Din Nasir says:

    can we not talk aboout Qaries instead about our future and what we learned please. All what we should say about is that mashallah the Qari has a beutiful voice and tajweed.Mashallah!!it doesnt matter which Qari it is.

    salamz…Din nasir

  18. Din Nasir says:

    can some one write all of the promises please. im no having all of promise

  19. GOAL=Jannah tul Firdous says:

    Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

    I’m deeply moved and in love with the lectures Sheikh Anwar has given.. Subhnallah~ Oh and this website is amazing mashallah. So many speakers all in one website, and all of them are just MASHALLAH! Its like picking chocolate out of a chocolate box.. so many varieties, yet you can only listen to one at a time. Alhumdulilah. Keep up the great work, I hope the builders of the website get the reward they’re seeking.


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  21. Maryam says:

    Did anyone get numbers: 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25? I think I missed them. Here are the Promises of Allah to the believer(s)
    1. Jannah
    2. Light for crossing the bridge to Heaven
    3. Allah will be with them
    4. He will be their Wali (Protecter, Friend)
    5. Mercy
    6. Victory
    7. Erase their evil
    8. Grant them love among themselves
    9. No effort will be wasted
    10. Protection from Shaytaan
    11. Steadfastness
    12. A good ending
    13. Allah will save them
    14. Allah will guide them

    17. Forgiveness
    18. Payment in full
    19. No grief, no fear

    23. A good life, a new life.

    Excellent lecture.

  22. Fakhr says:


    Excellent site for many many reciters.


  23. Ahmad says:

    i was wondering if its haram to download these lectures.
    cuz these lectures cost lots of money at the stores, but i can’t afford them

  24. Sadaf says:

    continued from Maryam:

    15. Allah will bless you
    16. Peace and security

    20. ?
    21. ?
    22. Protection for believers

    24. ?
    25. Establishment + Power + Security

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