A Walk in Paradise

Anwar al-Awlaki


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  1. Egyptian Gumbo says:

    why are there 2 less lectures by anwar al awlaki, i hope this is not in response to your post on your blog..

  2. egyptian gumbo says:

    hey wait, where did the lives of Abu Bakr and Umar go? i was listening to those 🙁

  3. […] in for the sake of Allah, futility of life, humility, videos/lectures at 6:12 pm by amatullah7 A lecture by Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki […]

  4. habib says:

    where did the lives of Abu Bakr and Umar go

  5. Khadijo says:

    Jazakal’Allah! Jazakal’Allah! May ALLAH bless you and make you happy.Amin! Amin!

  6. Slave-Of-Allah says:

    wherr can I download this short-lecture?


  7. SH says:

    Where have the lectures on the lives of Umar and Abu bakr (pbut)gone?

  8. […] to make effort to enter it Inshallah. I was listening to an Anwar al Awlaki speech that was called a walk in paradise and he mentioned many descriptions of heaven, from the lowest level to the highest. Here is the […]

  9. jaj says:

    may allah bless this brother of mine.

  10. […] Paradise it literally takes you for a tour in jannah you can listen to them both on thiis website: http://www.halaltube.com/anwar-al-aw…lk-in-paradise not too sure how to download them, maybe one akhi or sister can give you help with it insha’allah […]

  11. Hafsa says:


    to download the lectures, just right click, and click “save target as”..and then save it, and inshaAllah, it shall download..


  12. Aida says:

    Where can I get the transcription of this lecture!

  13. muslim says:

    mashallah this is very gd were can i download his lectures?

  14. MuslimahCA says:

    MashaAllah this one is so amazing! may Allah grant us all jannah!

  15. AISHA says:

    Asalamalaikum moslems janah lays in the legs of your mother
    so respect her n also your father.your parents have done so
    much 4u that u can not give back.may ALLAH bless every parent.

  16. AISHA says:

    moslems work 4janah plz wen still alive.accept da warnings
    of da prophet s.a.w before its 2late.this is the chance u have so utilise this moment.may ALLAH bless us n have mercy
    on us 24hours.happy ramadan 2 all moslems n happy idd 2.

  17. Samiha says:

    Life of Abu Bakar is there

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