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Anwar al-Awlaki

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  1. mst says:

    Although I’m a big fan of shaikh but I have to disagree with, following is what they are doing in Sawat which shaikh name as jihad.
    1. I know someone who was killed in a suicide bomb by these people, why because he was working in govt factory.
    2. Bombing barber shops, now using which hadith shaikh terms it as jihad.
    3. These people forbidden of course by force not get polio vaccination, reason that is make umma impotent ( I’m amazed that shaikh is expecting revival of umma from these goons)
    4. Although they forbid people to use western technologies, but uses FM radio as their propaganda source.
    5. They bombed 100s of girls schools as it was mentioned here and they forbid female education.

    This is fitna na jihad, these could be called mufsedeen, khawarij, killers, thugs, jahil but not mujahideen.

    As shaikh said Pakistan and yaman situation is same, why he is not waging war against yaman govt instead provoking people to do fasad in Pakistan.

    One more correction Ottoman were not real khilafa it was a monarchy.

  2. youcef says:

    “One more correction Ottoman were not real khilafa it was a monarchy.”

    Correction to that, almost the entire islamic khilafa was not a true kihalafa but a monarchy. Although, even this sentence is not really correct because khilafa is more than just the “election” part of it.

  3. Muslimrobot says:

    Generally the state of Pakistan’s Islam is horrendous. What kind of mujahideen do you expect from such a climate. Pakistan is in desperate need of Islam 101.

  4. mst says:


    Very true, and Imam Anwar is labeling them best of the Umma and asking every one to rush to help them.
    When a lady asked him a question about blowing girls schools, he tried to avoid saying because he sitting far away and doesn’t know the ground realities, he can’t comment on it, on the other hand his emphasis was that they are righteous people, how could he be sure about one thing but not other. Hypocrisy all over either Political or religious leadership and we are expecting revival of Umma. 🙁

  5. akhi says:

    He answered the question correctly, how can you make a judgement of something when you do not know its reality. The western media wants us to believe Taliban blew up schools just because women study there, but if you look deeper and do some research you will see the Pakistani government actually closed the schools down and were using them as bunkers.

  6. Abd Rahman says:

    What is your evidence for saying that the entire Khilafah was only a monarchy? Just because some Caliphs allowed their children or relatives to succeed them does not mean that it was a monarchy. Despite this fact they still ruled by Islam.

  7. mst says:

    Following are the news for just one day, and it is not from so called “WESTERN” media, it is from one of the leading Pakistani News Paper, if this is what Islam teaches than honestly I’m not very proud to be Muslim.

    Pashtun poet Rehman Baba’s mausoleum bombed

    One dead, 25 hurt in Dera Ismail Khan mosque blast

    Taliban blow up 16 music shops in Takhtbhai town

    Mayor killed in Miramshah bomb blast

    Bomb blast kills eight security personnel near Peshawar

  8. mst says:

    @Abd Rahman
    Except Khulafa-e-Rashedoon and Umar-bin-Abdul Aziz, what is your evidence that Khilafah was not another face of monarchy?

  9. mst says:

    He answered the question correctly, how can you make a judgement of something when you do not know its reality

    You are saying the same thing which I’m saying that how could he make judgment if doesn’t know the reality then how could he label them as Mujahedeen and ask Pakistani to support them while he accepts himself that he doesn’t know the reality, is he not contradicting himself. 🙂

  10. Abd Rahman says:

    According to WikiPedia the definition of a monarchy is “a form of government in which supreme power is absolutely lodged in an individual”. So the king is the one who does whatever he likes. He rules the land by whatever laws that he wants. This was not the case for most the Khilafah’s history. The Caliphs did not rule however they wanted. They still ruled by Shariah, meaning the Law of Allah (swt). So the sovereignty was not really with them but it was with Allah (swt). For example they carried out jihad and expanded the State, the collected Zakat and distributed it to the poor, they established Salah, they removed innovations and heretics, they taught Islam properly to the children, and they administered the punishments. Never could the Caliph ever bring a law that was in opposition to Quran and Sunnah. Never could a Caliph allow the soldiers of kufr to enter into the Holy Land. Never could a Caliph allows banks charging riba to exist in the State. Never could a Caliph divide the Ummah based on nationality and give preference to one nationality over another (like so many “kings” in the Ummah today are doing).

    Now I admit that the Caliphs did have problems. They were not as good as the Khulafah ar Rashedoon and Umar bin Abdul Aziz. But they still ruled the people by Shariah and that was why Islam propspered and the Muslims were successful. Today now that Shariah is gone you can see our condition as Shaykh Awlaki (may Allah presreve him) mentioned.

    The only people who say that the Khilafah is a monarchy are those who are ignorant of history and ignorant of governmental structures, or those who want to prevent the Khilafah from returning. Those who want to prevent the Law of Allah (swt) from returning. May Allah (swt) save this Ummah from their lies!!

  11. mst says:

    @Abd Rahman
    According to your definition we already khilafah in “KINGDOM” of Saudi Arabia, now what is all this fuss about, why killing all these innocent Muslims in the name of khilafah.

  12. youcef says:

    like the speaker said. We cannot just point at the mujahideen and say “what you are doing is wrong, stop it”. It is the responsability of the scolars to teach the moujahideen. But most of them today are too afraid to speak because of the rulers and so knowledge is lost and fitna is spread.

    Our scolars should teach our moujahideen and we should be patient when the mujahideen make mistakes.

  13. mst says:

    Mujahideen????? what mujahideen, thug, criminals, kidnappers? people who are killing innocent and armless fellow muslims, honestly scholars are more afraid of these animals, oh I’m sorry Mujahideedn to say anything against them, there are lots of incident where they killed the scholars who said killing like this is not allowed in Islam.

  14. Abd Rahman says:


    Is Saudia Arabia a home for all Muslims? Can you and I go there today and would they give us citizenship? Or would they treat us worse than dirt just because we are not “Saudi”, whatever that means.

    Is the Saudi government waging jihad against those who are killing the Muslims or are they giving them our oil and allowing their troops into Muslim land.

    Do they even have an economic system based on Zakat where there is fair distribution of wealth? Or do we see in that country those who are extremely rich and extremely poor.

    Answer these questions first before you say that the Saudi Arabia is Khilafah.

    I do not support the killing or harming of innocents,but I think all these problems in the Muslim world is indicative of a much deeper problem.That is that for the first time in our history we are living without the Islamic State.

  15. J says:

    As-salam Alaykum, brother MR (and anyone else who may work for HalalTube):

    First off: may Allah [swt] reward you for all the good you guys do. Your site is a great resource, al-hamdu lillah.

    I just think that you guys should remove all of Anwar al-Awlaki’s videos from your site. He has turned extremist and I do not think it is right to leave his videos up. I think that HalalTube should have *some* quality control. I mean, would you put up a video of Usamah bin Ladin, even if it had some beneficial stuff in it unrelated to terrorism or even jihad? Of course not. So why put the supporter of Usamah up? I think we should isolate Anwar al-Awlaki as much as possible, and push him out of what is considered mainstream. We are told to abandon and isolate Ahl al-Bidah when there is benefit in that, and in this case, I think that applies 100%. We really need to isolate the khawaarij, those who defend them, and those who love them.

    Wallahu Aalim.

    Fi Aman Allah

  16. To J says:

    You are too clever to understand what is going on in the world today. Seems media more relevant to you then the qur’an. If you’re one who are concern who is enemy of islam perhaps you should check your mirror everysingle day, you’d find something.

    I just don’t understand why everyone blame osama bin laden, where he is one of muslim who once listen muslim brothers killed and sisters cry he stood up and strive for them, meanwhile muslim like YOU just watch and do nothing. Would you consider yourself as believer when propher said ” not a believer who knows his brother or sister in hungry and fear while he full filled and sleep” which means people like you sleep and eat subhanallah enjoyable, and you see your brothers and sisters around the world being killed. Just think a moment where the world turn around, one day they would have enjoyable life on the other hand you life in the worst condition under occupation, I pray one day you will experience that, I pray one day that happen to you, I pray one day where is the day your mouth can’t do as much as you do today.

    To one who said ottoman wasn’t khalifah, as I concern it seems to me you say as well abbasiyah, ummayyah, and so on are not khalifah, in fact those scholars who live under that time considered them as khilafah. Too bad these days many muslim like an empty jar, sounding so much but meaningless and helpless.

  17. J says:

    ^^^ To the above poster:

    Dear brother, as-salam alaykum.

    May Allah [swt] reward you for the good you do, forgive you your sins, and correct your and my errors, bringing us both to the truth.

    My dearest brother, look how far you have strayed from the Prophetic Sunnah. You have invoked the Lord of all the Worlds to strike another Muslim with the worst of calamities. You have invoked Allah [swt] against me, asking him to send down upon me the worst of conditions, so that I cannot even move my tongue, perhaps a reference to Allah [swt] crippling it.

    I say all this, my dear brother, not to insult you, but rather to warn you with sincere advice: this is not the Way. If you read what the Prophetic Sunnah was–and how the Salaf debated each other–they began their debates with du`a for their opponent, asking Allah [swt] to bless them. Then they would say “my dear brother, I humbly disagree with you on just this one point of yours.” And then they would conclude with “And Allah knows best!”

    The four Imams–if you read about them–they said that they would not even enter into debate if their intention were simply to defeat the opponent in debate. Rather, they only entered into debate in order to HELP the other person whom they were debating with. In other words, they had a serious fear for the well-being and salvation of that person, so they wanted to genuinely help that person better his condition in the Hereafter. So that is why they debated with them.

    My dear brother, can you see the difference between your way and the Prophetic Way? You invoke curses on me, yet the Prophetic Way is to invoke blessings and ask for forgiveness and guidance (and a SINCERE du`a, not one to belittle the person).

    Dear brother, think on this, insha-Allah.

    Fi Aman Allah

  18. To J says:

    You point out very good way, I didn’t deny that.

    Let’s get straight to the point… why I do so?

    Would sahabah will deal with such a nice word with people who displease rasullallah? or will tabi’in would deal with people with such pleasant way with people who disgrace sahabah? will a muslim stand againts another muslim who knows islam putting down one of honourable ulama’ and still deal with them nicely?

    There are some consenquences where are muslims will smile to muslim, and harsh to them. Imam syafi’i made a fatwa not to say salam and exiled people who is doing small bid’ah? how about putting down a scholar who had fought for islam?

    You had accused unjustifiable of a scholar, by saying what something suppose to had to say in such a manner. You did not give any benifit to him, but he does benifit to muslim and you might one of them. How dare you give such a statement toward such a man? If you such a man can proof that particular ulamaa’ mislead, bring your proof. Said not enough, don’t act like a west with their media. Because I saw your act doing such accusastion, is one of their habit. Meaning in the qur’an say “belong to them” smells strong.

    One more thing, harsh doesn’t mean without sincerity. The prophet wasn’t only with manner but he also harsh on it places even towards muslim when someone done a big mistake, like what i’m dealing now.

    You should consider where is he, and where are you. If a mistake done by him not our obligation to open publicly, but it’s other scholar on his level to do so. If you consider your self as one of scholar have such a level. You wouldn’t write such a disgraceful comment like that.

    Understand what you’ve done before, It’s not something small in the eyes the one who sees you and myself. One of a person who worked hard to please him, and you easily release a statement like that?
    ask your self again, who are you?what have you done to islam and muslims?
    when he did a mistake all grant him a reward, ask yourself again what would you get when you commit a mistake?

    If you study a bit better about a manner how students should respect their teachers and ulamaa’s, how those people in old days do. What I have said today might classified as a mild as what they would do toward people putting down scholars especially without firm and prooven evidence.

    Allah knows best.

  19. J says:

    Wa alaykum as-salam,

    Brother, please do not justify your rudeness through the Sunnah. This is a major misunderstanding of some of the emotional youth, who try to justify their rudeness and poor behavior through isolated events taken out of context.

    There is absolutely no justification for being rude. When harshness is to be employed, it is under certain conditions that must be fulfilled, none of which were fulfilled in this situation. I encourage you insha-Allah to study this matter, before changing the religion to accommodate the mannerisms of the emotional youths.

    In regards to Anwar al-Awlaki, he believes in a shaadh opinion that it is permissible to kill civilians. As such, he is zindeeq, although we pray that he renounces such views.

    Fi Aman Allah

  20. M.U.S says:

    Dear brothers,

    Assalamalaikum. May Allah’s divine peace and blessings be upon all of you and may he reward all of us with the toufiq of doing good deeds (for him alone)/ Ameen.

    Firstly I must admit that I am nowhere as close to any knowledge that you all (mst, yousef, abd rehman, J,) have. Subhanallah for Allah has blessed this ummah with such knowledgeable brothers. May Allah reward you all with sincerity in your efforts to put forward discussions such as these and may Allah reward all of us with the right understanding and application of his rules. (ameen)

    Secondly, dear brothers, I just want to say that I believe that the west has caused us to bring to the surface our differences and debate with one another while one agrees and disagrees about any matter regarding our beautiful deen. I strongly believe that they have ignited a war of ideologies within the muslim world. They want to make the best of our differences. And it gives them a chance to put forward one of their oldest rules: Divide and Rule.

    Having said that, I also believe that any views put forward by our Shaikh Imam Anwar Al Awlaki are should not be viewed as ‘Extremist’ or he mustn’t be deemed ‘Al Khawarij’. For that, I would try to give a daleel with the best of my knowledge and Allah S.W.T knows best:

    I am referring to an incident when our beloved Rasulallah was dividing the booties of war amongst the Sahaba R.A. And a man approached him and said: ‘Oh Rasulallah, be just’……and our beloved prophet (may Allah bless him with supreme happiness forever) said, ‘If I’m not just, who else will be just’… And Hazrat Umar Farook R.A. then got up in anger and said: ‘O Rasuallah, give me permission to cut his head off’. And that is when the Nabi of Allah (may he dwell in peace forever ameen) said: ‘No Umar, Leave him for he is of a people who will have a better salah than yours, better siyam than yours and better quran than yours.)

    Firstly, there is definitely more of the incident which isn’t well versed in my knowledge, I hope and pray to Allah that what I have written so far has and will be clear.

    Furthermore, Our beloved Rasuallah (P.B.U.H) was referring to Al Khawarij. Those people who will have more fasts, much more quran, and a lot of salah. But the quran won’t reach below their throats and the salah won’t reach their hearts.

    Dear Brothers, I strongly urge that whatever be our differences, whether they are in our opinions, in our fiqh or in our understanding of our beautiful deen, we mustn’t let the enemy of Allah take advantage of them in disuniting us. Alhumdulillah, Allah SWT has blessed us with a lot or resources the best of which is our faith in Allah SWT. May we all reunite as a blessed Ummah, soon inshallah. And may we stand firm against the enemy of Allah SWT. We are all one, not just as a nation, but as a body. May Allah strengthen us further Ameen.

    Allah Hu Akbar.

  21. M.U.S says:


    on the topic of Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki, he is a realist who is putting forward the correct understanding and application of Allah SWTs rules. Lets just contemplate on what the Sahabah – e – karam with the likes Hazrat Umar Bin Farouk RA and Khalid Bin al Waleed might think of the state of the ummah today and how might they put forward their understanding and what actions would they take. May Allah reward us and bless us with correct understanding Ameen.

  22. F B S says:




    Very nice lecture by Anwar al Awlaki.

    I believe the only thing that we Pakistanis lack is Islamic Education and the Proper Aqeedah. It has been distorted by many. We need Good Authentic Islamic Education and Knowledge spread amongst the people in Pakistan. I know our nation will Rise Inshallah, only and only with the help of Allah SWT.

  23. Abd Rahman says:

    Wa alaikum salam brother FDS,
    Please remember that we are one Ummah. One nation. The nation of the Prophet (saw). We should not diffrentiate oursleves by our nationality. This is a Western concept. They injected nationalism into us so that we would fight amongst ourselves. Divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the book.

    Yes our nation will rise with the the Help of Allah (swt), but only when we come together as One Ummah.

  24. F B S says:

    Ya definitely. You are right about that. The thing is before we start uniting with others we really need to unite amongst ourselves.

    InshAllah we shall all pray for our Ummah.

    I also want to put forward that many people don’t see the strength and importance of Dua. Its one of the BEST remedies, and make Dua with complete faith in Allah SWT.


  25. M.U.S says:

    Assalamalaikum Again,

    to Abd Rehman:

    Dear Brother, subhanallah this is what im trying to tell some of my brothers about pakistan. We are all pakistanis and still when I say I cannot support pakistan from a patriotic point of view everyone just become protective of pakistan and tell me things like ‘ you must, its ur duty, pakistan and islam are one’. I only say that the entire world belongs to Allah SWT, he does not view it as pakistani or indian or american or indonesian, he views it as beliver and non-believer. This is my understanding and I absolutely cannot shout the banners of Pakistan Zindabad. My country indeed is a place that belongs to Allah SWT and will soon realize its strategic importance in the revival of the oneness of our ummah (Inshallah) and that is why I like it. I hope that our dear brothers can truly understand the evil nationalism culture and recognize our deen as being one nation itself. The day we incorporate this into our belief system, the process of this ummah uniting would have already started.

    And Allah knows best


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