Brutality towards the Muslims

Anwar al-Awlaki


5 Responses to “ Anwar al-Awlaki – Brutality towards the Muslims ”

  1. Al Quds says:

    Free Palestine The Struggle Continues.
    Allah Huma Return Palestine To The Muslim Lands

  2. Aimen says:

    Great lecture Allah bless this noble sheikh and grant the Muslims in Palestine strength and sustenance
    Alluhma destroy the poisons Zionist state of Israel and establish in purity the revived Palestine state


  3. Yahya says:

    May Allah(swt)help our brothers and sisters in Palestine regain their holy land.

  4. Aslam says:

    Mashallah, very beautifull indeed…. the year 2024 will be the next khalifa inshallah… until then just wait patiently.

  5. Imran says:

    2024 next khalifa… brother Muslims do not wait they act this is the difference between the non muslims and the believers, hence the method of acting is refered to as Jihad by the prohet pbuh, and jihad is to struggle in any way in which to please Allah swt,

    I pray that all of us Muslims contribute to the comming of khalifate, muslims have never attained anything easily, THe prophet had to struggle to establish islam, so did the khalifahs, Salahuddin and all great muhajideen, salam

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