Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have the contact information for any of the speakers?


How can I advertise on your site?

Sign up for Google AdWords.  We use Google AdSense.

I need help and have questions regarding Islam?

Sorry, we are not scholars.  Please contact your local Imam and practicing Muslim students of knowledge around your area for help.

Why does it take so long for my submission to appear?

HalalTube is strictly a volunteer site.  We have day jobs and families to attend to.  Please be patient.

Can you please make the lectures downloadable?

All the audio lectures are.  The video lectures are hosted by third-party sites, so you will have to download from their sites.  We will try to convert as much video lectures to audio format for download.

I would like to donate. How can I?

We prefer a simple dua instead, but donations are welcome.