Taking the Tariqa

Nuh Ha Mim Keller

6 Responses to “ Nuh Ha Mim Keller – Taking the Tariqa ”

  1. QUEST says:

    A new type of Shahadah?

  2. Tayyab says:

    this link is bad

  3. Khademul says:

    many scholar say that this guys aqidah is not correct…….

    • Shadhili says:

      And which “scholar” (did you mean scholars, add an S for plural) said this. Ghiba should be done with references if you’re going to do it. How’s that flesh taste?

  4. Haroun says:

    Our tradition involves doing some rigor of our own to find the truth unless you follow one trusted scholar. Find out what the Shaykh’s Aqida is and make your own determination. It may be that the other “scholars” aqida is incorrect. Ashari and Maturidi are the most time tested wa Allahu Alim.

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