Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: His Life and Times

Anwar al-Awlaki

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24 Responses to “ Anwar al-Awlaki – Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: His Life and Times ”

  1. Muslimah says:

    A wonderful wonderful explanation on one of the ten promised paradise…i now understand why May Allah be pleased with him and us all Ameen.

  2. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

    Subhan’Allah, Brilliant lecture!! (really.. one of the best you’ll listen to, insha’Allah)

    Insha’Allah I pray others get the opportunity to listen to it, learn from it.. and apply the lessons learned to their life.

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam

  3. Huda says:

    Very excellent lecture, we must learn from our beloved Prophets(slaw)compainions, especially the the Five Caliphates.
    For the compainions got the seal of approval by Allah and his Messenger (slaw).



  4. Nasir Karim says:

    May Allah swt Bless you brother Anwar al Awlaki with your excellent lectures.

  5. Muslimrobot says:

    These lectures are copyright and it is clearly stated on the CDs and in the unchanged audio. The person who make a product has the right to set the terms of it’s use and we as consumers have to abide by them. By posting these audios one is taking someones risq away.

    As Muslims we should respect the copyright of Anwar awalaki’s works. Even though Anwar awlaki will benefit from it the one who posted them in violation of the terms of the audio may not.

    I called Al Abasheer productions about posting full volumes and they do not endorse it. Every site that had them posted had the audios taken down.

    Respect copyright even more so from your Muslim brothers.

  6. MUSLIMAHB says:

    party pooper… that being said fabulous talk!

  7. Stupid says:

    Muslimrobot – Did you know Imam Anwar al-Awlaki was in jail for several years. No income was received to him from the sale of his lectures. What has Al-Bashir done for Imam Anwar al-Awlaki? How come he doesn’t benefit from his own works?

    On a more general note, would the Prophet (saas) sell his lectures? If people want to spread the deen it is best to spread it for free with sponsors. Muslims are doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, business people, etc., they can all afford to donate money for dawah projects in order to spread ilm for free.

    Fead what Sh. Feiz has to say about Copyright:

    If Imam Anwar al-Awlaki doesn’t get any money then it is best if it is for free, becuase he is getting way more reward for the amount of ilm he is spreading with his lectures.

    Akhirah > Dunya

  8. Muslim Robot says:

    Asalamu alaikum Stupid (why did you pick this name?)

    I love Shiekh feiz and his reasoning sounds good however let us examine what scholars have said about copyright.

    from al basheer’s page

    and from islam qa

    It is best to be safe.

    Good news Anwar Awalki is going to continue the Seerah series Medina part 2 this year. I so am excited.

  9. Muslim Robot says:

    Oh by the way i did know anwar awlaki was in jail. Subhanallah i prayed for this brother many nights for allah to get him out.

    I did not want him to be like ali at tammimi who is still in jail in the US. Let us pray for him also.

    These brothers have taught me so much from their lectures and allah has used them to learn about Islam.

    Also these online versions do not have everything the original version have. I listened to stories of the prophets twice and there were parts that were totally missed from the MP3 pirate version.

  10. MUSLIM says:

    Subhan’Allah amazing lecture! Jazak’allah to the speaker and the one who posted it.. it has helped educate me on a man who meant much to Rasululah SAW.

  11. Abd Rahman says:

    Masha Allah. Beautiful lecture. This is a must listen for everyone.

  12. zain says:


    This speech is not working for me, please fix it, from the comments above it sounds amazing.

  13. Shoaib says:

    As salaam wa alay kum.

    Dear brothers and sisters, May Allah reward all your efforts in spreading the message of Islam inshaAllah.

    I have been listening to this series of talks but recently they have not been working. I am not sure whether Halatube know about this problem, but thought I would let you know so inshaAllah it can fixed.

    I also would lik eto take this opportunity to thank my brothers and sisters, the talks have been a great help. JazakAllah Khair 🙂

    Your brother in Islam


  14. Nabeel says:


    This link is not working can someone update on the situation?

  15. Dr. Ammarulhaq says:

    Assalamulikum dear muslim brothers and sisters,
    Unfortunately ruthless hand put maualana anwar Al awlaki in jail for long time. Actually he went to Yemen to solve problem of two tribes and from there he was arrested. Alhamdulilah now they freed him. I listen his many lectures but Life of Abu Bakr Radiullah hanha completely. There are many great scholars in muslim world among them anwar al awlaki is best. He has balanced speeches wonderful message and especially after every story of Prophet SAW he draw conclusion and explain what lesson we have from this story.
    I can say he is the man with great mission. May ALLAH bless him
    These days halaltube is not working I dont know why But I request Maualana anwar awalki to have lecture on the era of Uthman Radiallah hanho, Ali Radiallah hanho and Amir Mahawiya radiullah hanho

    May ALLAH keep us best on his path

  16. Halal Tube says:

    The audio files should be working now.

  17. syed mahmud says:

    Its time to act and change our lifestyle, similer to the sahabi. May allah give us Taufiq.

  18. Syed Qudrath Ullah says:

    Asl Km,

    The way you describe all incidents is brilliant, muslim world had forget their past and really its time to change our lifes.
    May allah help us to act as per Islam.

  19. Ahmad says:

    i was wondering if it would be considerd stealing to download these lectures?
    they cost lots of money at the stores

  20. Razi says:

    Just out of interest could any of you give me some information about who the ahlul-bayt are???? Many thanks.

  21. Salahudeen says:

    Bismillah, walhamdulillah, Wasalatulahi Wasalamuhu alaa Rasulina Mohammad (pbuh). Asc Wr Wb Brothers & Sisters in Islam.

    If I jump in to the arguement of piracy issue, Sheikh Awlaki has asked muslims to spead and translate his work with a full permissionfrom him.

    If on the other hand Al-Basheer wants to dictate the work of another person, Than that’s a piracy in full force.

    I congratulate those who put sheikh’s lectures on the web
    and may allah give them their intension of good deeds.

    I have all the lectures alhamdu lillah. I recommand you to listen to them because you will find very helpful by understanding your brothers before your time.

    That’s the stories we need to hear to understand our deen.

    Sorry I wrote too much, please forgive me & pray 4 me But
    About all please pray the GOOD sheikh all the time.

    Wa salaam

  22. baraka says:


    Salahudeen- r u sure that anwar awlaki said we can spread his lectures? can u plz quote where u heard it from?

    many thanks

  23. AlphaBravo says:

    Assalamo alaikum

    Canadians do not need to worry about copyright laws of other countries. Canadians can make a ‘personal’ copy of any audio product that is sold in Canada and yes this covers foreign works as well… read the Canadian Copyright Act. if Al-Basheer doesn’t like it they can eat their hearts out and just withdraw their audio products from the Canadian market…

    Just don’t sell it to anyone else…

    As for the one who said we are taking Br. Awlaki’s rizq away. do you understand the gravity of your statement… you are making us an ‘associate’ of Allah SWT by expropriating His siffah of ‘Al-Raziq’ and imposing it on us.

    Br. Awlaki will get every penny of whatever Allah SWT has written for him…

    I just wish today’s shyookh were more like Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal… he lived the life of absolute poverty but never sold faith products to attain duniya… if you really want duniya then start an actual business… Imam Abu Hanifa was an honest hard-working silk merchant… go figure…

  24. Loy75 says:

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