Sustaining Our Community: A Quranic Remedy

Wisam Sharieff

10 Responses to “ Wisam Sharieff – Sustaining Our Community: A Quranic Remedy ”

  1. Omar Ali says:

    This is totally out of context, but is it ok to have a beard like Brother Wisam’s?

    • z says:

      stop worrying about the beard, it is not relevant.

      • Omar says:

        Salam Z,

        First of all, it seems you haven’t read my post quite clearly. I said “This is totally out of context” – it indicates 2 things:

        1. I’m not worried
        2. I’m not allowing his “crazy beard design” to affect my judgement on his content.

        So, with the above 2 in mind, I would say you’re trying to be a bit too over-smart for your own good.

        And, as a matter of fact, it is relevant. If someone is preaching to me about Islam and something about his/her conduct or his/her appearance doesn’t fit the bill, is a sign of worry – not that I’m saying Wissam himself is someone I need to worry from. But still.

        So it is relevant, and again.. I wasn’t worried.

        • z says:

          You said “And, as a matter of fact, it is relevant”

          So you are worried. I completely disagree. The beard does not have anything to do with conduct.

          It’s completely irrelevant. I hope this does not upset you. I don’t mean it to upset anyone. But I just feel the time is come where we expand our brains beyond this.

          • Omar says:

            Thanks for your insights. I will try to accommodate your ideas in my mind and expand it a little bit. Sorry for getting into this argument with you.

  2. Brother says:

    no its not okay

    source: and all other opinions I have heard.

  3. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Bro Omar,

    I do not know Bro Wisam personally. I have attended his Tajweed class a fews ago.
    Bro Wisam mentioned that he after discussing with doctors decided to shave his beard due to medical conditions. He also said the Prophet Muhammad(saw) said in a hadith that when you judge someone, come up with 70 or 700 (I’m not sure) excuses before you judge someone. We see someone and quickly jump to conclusions. Bro Wisam is a Radiologist who has dedicated so much of his time in the path of Allah swt. May Allah swt reward his and his family immensely, ameen. Allah knows Best.

  4. Ziad, he’s a radiologist.. and that’s not the reason he ‘trimmed’ it.. read a bit above… it says, due to medical conditions… nothing to do with him being a radiologist… Lame? that’s not really a conduct of a good muslim specially when we’re trying to judge people who are doing a lot for the deen..

  5. Abu Ahmed says:

    Salaam alaikum brothers, it is clearly wrong to shave the beard, no arguing on that fact! Sahih Bukhari Volume7 Hadith 780-81. Muhammad said do the opposite of the disbelievers. Trim your moustache and grow your beard. But we don’t judge people who do not have a beard, Allah knows best why they don’t have one.

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