What does Allah want you to know about Him?

Wisam Sharieff

6 Responses to “ Wisam Sharieff – What does Allah want you to know about Him? ”

  1. Suan says:

    Jazakallak kharan. This khutbah has made me cry multiple times. May Allah bless you and your family my brother.

  2. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Alhamduillah, Bro Wisam made me cry, made be smile and make me think. May Allah shower mercy upon him and his family. Ameen.

  3. fareed says:

    I Love this brother so much! May Allah protect his and his family, May Allah reward him for inspiring me!

  4. Sameena says:

    GREAT REMINDER TO SAVE OUR FACULTIES FOR A HIGHER AND NOBLE CAUSE : No words to express- how you have sincerely explained with so much concern. JazakAllaH khairun. This khutbah has made me cry and has reminded me once again what I really need to do in life ie. sincerity, humbleness, forgiveness and contentment that Allah SWT desires to forgive us . Let us not indulge into petty insignificant quarrels and attitudes but help and remind each other to be sincere, humble and forgiving. Ameen May Allah bless you and your family dear brother.

  5. Tom says:

    Alhamdulillah, tears were falling down my face throughout this khutbah. May Allah SWT bless you for this, and for using this wonderful khutbah of yours to go to my mother’s room and apologise to her for my impatience. She abuses me sometimes and because of this we argue a lot but I understand now that I must remain kind and humble and respect her for all that she has already given me. I pray that Allah SWT rewards you for this and that He also gives me the strength and guidance to carry through your beautiful advice. Ameen.

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