Zia Sheikh – The Status of Jesus in Islam

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  1. n says:

    I’m curious where do you get the proof that someone else was crucified in place of isa a.s. another person a boy. From my limited knowledge. Some of the bible still has truth but not all. If you take proofs from the bible and the quran. He was put on the cross and crucified but did not die, it was made to appear that he did. I’m just curious anyone know jazakallah.

  2. Bashirah says:

    A note-worthy speech!

  3. tarek says:

    Salam N,

    Allah SWT tells us in the Quran – “They killed him not, they crucified him not…” This in itself is your proof. When the Creator (Glory to Him, the Most High) of the heavens and the earth tells us this its enough to believe brother. Everything else is irrelevent. If you are still curious see if you can watch the Messiah (iranian movie on Jesus (AS) from an islamic perspective). They film the ending based on the Gospel of Barnabas :). Its a great movie.

    Hope this helps


    • n says:

      waalaikumussalaam wr wb brother,

      Yes this is enough proof for me. You misunderstood my question. In this lecture he says a boy was replaced with Isa A.S and made to look like him. Was that mentioned in the Quran? If so please tell me where? or any hadith with says this. Jazakullah.

  4. tarek says:

    Salam Wa Alaykum N,

    I’m sorry I actually did mis-understand your question as I didn’t watch this video. Insha’Allah I’ll try make the time to watch it. (Reference only)Psalms 34: 16-22 tells us God will save Jesus AS and slay the wicked. As a reference “only” the Gospel of Barnabas tells us that Allah SWT changed the image of Judas to make him appear like Jesus AS. Therefore saving the righteous being Jesus AS and slaying the wicked Judas.(As per Psalms)I’m just providing references for you brother as your questions were my questions a few years ago. I hope this helps you but please remember the Bible for us is just a reference as it was changed by the people of its time. See if you can watch the following, you will need to source it and download it. Below link is just a part of the movie in relation to your question. You can try search the movie from there. Good luck brother Insha’Allah you find this movie, its awesome.

    The Messiah – Prophet Jesus [ENG SUB] – part 4/7

  5. tarek says:

    The below link should show you all 7 parts Insha’Allah. You should be able to watch it in its entirety. Parts 1 to 7 🙂

    If you get the chance try and also watch St Mary Al Muqqadasa movie (Islamic perspective). You will also find some of it on the above link, just scroll down for it. ITS FANTASTIC.


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