Nazim Mangera Lectures

3 Important Seldomly Discussed Aspects of Dua (With Dua of Completing the Qur’an)

In this important session, Mufti Nazim Mangera discusses the following three important things related to Dua which are rarely discussed together:
1) Fiqh of wiping hands on the face after Dua
2) Fiqh of Quran completion Dua in Salat and outside Salat
3) One of five things that can happen to our Dua

In the introduction, Mufti Nazim Mangera discuss how there are scholars on YouTube and other sites who are not honest enough when discussing Fiqh issues.

Part Two is the English Quran Completion Dua

The Best of You Will Never Hit Your Wife

Mufti Nazim Mangera discusses the important topic of domestic violence from multiple Islamic sources. Everyone needs to hear this lecture. In it, he also clarifies some misconceptions about a Quranic verse which is misinterpreted by some Muslims. Also, he strongly encourages the listeners to never hit their wife. The best of us are those who will NEVER hit their wife.

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