Lectures on Justice

Abdal Hakim Murad Turning Anger into Action

Suhaib Webb Struggle for Social Justice

Nouman Ali Khan Uphold Justice

Jonathan Brown Is there Justice Outside God’s Law?: Making Sense of the Boundaries of the Sharīʿah in Islamic Civilization

Yasir Qadhi Speaking Truth to Power and Standing Up Against Oppression

Zaid Shakir Islam in Search of Muslims: What Can We Learn from the Life of Nelson Mandela?

Zaid Shakir The Foundations of an American Muslim Antipoverty Movement

Suhaib Webb Trayvon Martin Solidarity Khutbah

Hamza Yusuf Sharing Success: Fair Trade Commerce for a Better World

Hamza Yusuf New Beginnings: Mobilizing and Motivating a Generation

Siraj Wahhaj Things Ain’t Good in the ‘Hood

Zaid Shakir Thankfulness

Faraz Rabbani Stand Steadfastly For Justice

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