Lectures on Devil

Zaid Shakir Fight Procrastination, Fight Satan’s Control

Nouman Ali Khan The Strategy of Satan

Saad Tasleem Iblis’s (Satan) Gameplan

Nouman Ali Khan How Shaytan Will Rope You In

Yasmin Mogahed Defeating Tactics of Shaytaan

Yasir Qadhi Why Is there Evil in This World? And a Response to the San Bernardino Shootings

Hamza Yusuf The Devil’s Trap

Nouman Ali Khan The Fall of Satan and the Rise of Adam

Yusuf Estes Why Are Muslims Undermined?

Feiz Muhammad Dangers of the Tongue

Ismail ibn Musa Menk The Devil’s Plan

AbdelRahman Murphy The Story of Iblis

Yusuf Estes Christian / Muslim Dialogue: Satan’s Art of Worship

Zaid Shakir The Fast of Ramadan & the Furious Shaitan

Suhaib Webb The Fast of Ramadan & the Furious Shaitan

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