Lectures on America

Do Not Ignore History Abdullah Hakim Quick

Living Halal Amir Junaid Muhadith (Loon)

A Message for the Muslims of Canada Yasir Qadhi

Permissibility of Protesting in Islam? Yasir Qadhi

Strategy & Support for the Palestinian Struggle Omar Suleiman

The Real History of Palestine & Zionism Suleiman Hani

How an American Woman Became a Muslim Scholar Tamara Gray

The Impact of Music Amir Junaid Muhadith (Loon)

Keeping It Real Ibn Ali Miller

Rise to the Top Siraj Wahhaj

Racism in America and the Role of American Muslims In Combatting It Yasir Qadhi

The Gravity of One Murder, and the Death of Justice Omar Suleiman

Religious Freedom and its Implications Yasir Qadhi

True Patience: From Beginning to End Dalia Fahmy

The Legacy of Malcolm X Khalid Latif

Black History, Resistance & Racism: A Modern Day Problem Ieasha Prime

Black History, American Muslims, and Conversations about Race Omar Suleiman

Muslims: Agents of Positive Change Omar Suleiman

Facing Bigots With Outreach, Civil Services, and Civic Engagement Siraj Wahhaj

Hide or Seek Linda Sarsour

Explaining Islam with Rev. Dr. George Mason Omar Suleiman

Muslim or American? Caught in the Middle Hussain Kamani

Changing Narrative About Islam Siraj Wahhaj

Recognizing Muslim American Roots Dalia Mogahed

Malcolm & Martin: Intersecting Visions of Justice Omar Suleiman

Remaining Firm in Faith Against Challenging Ideologies Siraj Wahhaj

Our Role as Muslims in The United States Omar Suleiman

On the Price of Silence, Nicki Minaj, and the US Human Rights Commission Khaled Abou El Fadl

Reclaiming Our Legacy Zaid Shakir

We Belong! Linda Sarsour

Slavery, Freedom & The Five Johari Abdul Malik

Hearing Malcolm’s Voice; Hearing Malcom’s Silence Suhaib Webb

The Legacy of Black Muslims Throughout History Suhaib Webb

Give to others what we want from God Omar Suleiman

Jihad: The Misunderstood and Misused Tariq Ramadan

The Struggles of Muslims in America Suhaib Webb

Believing in Qadar, Respecting Free Will & Standing for Accountability Altaf Husain

On Race and Religion Dalia Mogahed

Positive & Practical Parenting Joe Bradford

Authentically Reclaiming the Narrative about Islam and Muslims Omar Suleiman

Modern American Muslims Tahir Wyatt

At Your Service, Ya Rabb Altaf Husain

Justice for Stephon Clark, Jordan Edwards, Jamilah Arshad… Omar Suleiman

Engage in Mission for a Flourishing Future Yasir Qadhi

Face to Face with Islamophobia Zaid Shakir

The History of Islam in America Sulayman Nyang

Caged and Forgotten: Muslim Political Prisoners in Post-9/11 America Jonathan Brown

Islam, Citizenship & Religious Liberty Hamza Yusuf

Justice and Pluralism in the West, Myth or Reality Dalia Fahmy

In God We Trust Dalia Mogahed

Black Lives Matter: Standing For Justice Siraj Wahhaj

Islam in the Hood: The Power Within Ibn Ali Miller

The Islamic Seminary of America: The Vision for the Future Yasir Qadhi

Fight for Those Giants On Whose Shoulders We Stand Today Zaid Shakir

Islam: An American Religion? Hamza Yusuf

A Shahada and Struggling Between Islamic Teaching & American Etiquette Suhaib Webb

Deepening Community Engagement within Inner Cities with Social Services Altaf Husain

American Muslims: Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations Omar Suleiman

The Prophet Muhammad & the Model of Sharia Pluralism Jonathan Brown

Don’t Believe the Hype! The Making of the Muslim Menace Linda Sarsour

A History of Black Islam in America Abdal Hakim Jackson

The Islamic World Today: Understandings and Misunderstandings Jonathan Brown

Community and Continuity Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Do All Lives Matter? Zaid Shakir

Currents Debates within Islam Jonathan Brown

Islam’s Contributions to Where it Spread Jonathan Brown

Resist Bigotry: Stand up to Racism & Hate Ieasha Prime

Black Muslim Americans and the Challenge of Community Integration Altaf Husain

Strategy of the Muslim Community after the 2016 Elections Dalia Mogahed

In Search of the Beloved Community: A Vision for American Muslims Khalid Latif

No Fear: I am a Muslim Dalia Fahmy

Sharia & Forbidding Evil: Limits and Etiquettes Jonathan Brown

The Next POTUS is Among Us Linda Sarsour

American Muslims: United by Trump and Divided by Race Altaf Husain

Towards Effective and Contemporary Imams in the U.S. Karen Danielson

What are the Islamic Rules of Collaboration? Jonathan Brown

Solutions to Racism and Bigotry Dalia Fahmy

Muslims in America & The Lessons from The Era of ‘Yellow Fear’ Yasir Qadhi

What do you think when you look at me? Dalia Mogahed

The Making of A Slave Psychological Warfare: Religion, Law, & Culture Abdul Malik

Our Legacy: African-Americans in Islam Ieasha Prime

The Need for American Muslim Imams and Scholars Suhaib Webb

The Role of a Muslim in a Non-Muslim Society Yasir Qadhi

Canaries in a Coal Mine: How Islamophobia Threatens All Americans Jonathan Brown

Are You Afraid of Sharia Law? Haroon Moghul

The Context of Shariah in a Democratic Government Jonathan Brown

The Rise of the Far Right Yasir Qadhi

Ethnic Jihad Hamza Yusuf

American Muslim Challenges Wisam Sharieff

Reflections on the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections Nouman Ali Khan

Muslims In Trump’s America: On the Eve After the Election Yasir Qadhi

Struggle for Social Justice Suhaib Webb

Islam in America: A Conversation with Paul Barrett Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Thoughts on Dallas Shooting and Black Lives Matter Omar Suleiman

Ramadan Lessons from the life of Muhammad Ali Omar Suleiman

The passing of Muhammad Ali Hamza Yusuf

Muslims in our American past (15871965) Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Real Islam: A Response to Bill Maher Suhaib Webb

The Mosques’ role in the 21st Century Abdal Hakim Jackson

Speaking Truth to Power and Standing Up Against Oppression Yasir Qadhi

I Can’t Breathe Suhaib Webb

The Future of Muslim Leadership Usama Canon

Embracing Islamophobia Yasir Qadhi

Rerouting To The Straight Path Suhaib Webb

When I Found Out Marshmallows Weren’t Halal Khalid Latif

Reclaiming Our Faith: Negotiating Modern Theological Fault Lines Hamza Yusuf

Islamophobia in the Making Jonathan Brown

The Echoes of God’s Word Tariq Ramadan

Islam: Beyond Modern Myths (Transcending Modern Myths) Kamal el Mekki

The Middle Path Hamza Yusuf

The Foundations of an American Muslim Antipoverty Movement Zaid Shakir

We are the 1% Abdullah Hakim Quick

Limits of Allegiance Hamza Yusuf

Start Practicing, or Stop Pretending Hamza Yusuf

To My Angry Muslim Brother Nouman Ali Khan

Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Abdul Nasir Jangda

Winning the Battle against Islamophobia: Fighting Bigotry & Intolerance Yasir Qadhi

Anti-Islamic Bigotry Altaf Husain

Sharia: Myths, Facts & the U.S. Constitution Tariq Ramadan

An Intimate Conversation Suhaib Webb

The Irony of Democracy: Can it be resolved? Zaid Shakir

United We Stand: One Destiny Hamza Yusuf

United We Stand: One Nation Abdal Hakim Jackson

New Beginnings: Mobilizing and Motivating a Generation Hamza Yusuf

Things Ain’t Good in the ‘Hood Siraj Wahhaj

Mercy: The Distinguishing Trait of Islam Zaid Shakir

Thankfulness Zaid Shakir

A Legacy of Pride Zaid Shakir

The Life of Malcolm X Siraj Wahhaj

Islamophobia: The Crisis of Muslims in the West Hamza Yusuf

Mark of a Hero: Malcolm X Siraj Wahhaj

Remembering the Days of Allah Hamza Yusuf

The Educational System in America Hamza Yusuf

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Maqasid Al-Shari’ah Yaser Birjas

Violence in the Name of God Waleed Basyouni

Sharia Law: Theocracy or Democracy? Abdal Hakim Jackson

Secularism: The Greatest Challenge Facing Islam Hamza Yusuf

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