10th Anniversary of 9/11 - Mobilizing the Muslim Youth: Strengthening Faith, Fostering Action

Yasir Qadhi

13 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – Mobilizing the Muslim Youth: Strengthening Faith, Fostering Action ”

  1. LIght says:

    Masha’Allah AMEEN!!!!!!! Takbeer!!! I love Yasir Qadhi!

  2. Killer of Munafiquns says:

    this man is not a muslim hes ia American hes one of them he will die as a Crusaders if they dont make taubah be4 death and i want that hes a preacher of nifaq N ridda death to him

    • Jundullah says:

      lool Killer be patience yah we know wat he is doing is completely Alien in Islam we cant be in Peace with crusaders cz they r Ahlu Harb N we r living in dar AL harb but i still think he is doing this for save him self from the Usa gov, ya its still a great sin but its the Ijma of the Salafs that if any one help or co operate the kuffar against islam for money or worldly desire than he is not an Apostate/Murtad and i hope so cz i luv him though he is doing the most graviest Sin 🙁 may Allah guide him and save him Ameeeen

    • Akhee says:

      Well hello there FBI agent provocateur.

  3. masood ahmad says:

    I am highly impressed of positive approach and correct analysis by brother Sh Yasir Qadhi. May ALLAH Reward him and guide him to continue to serve Islam in true spirit.

  4. Maria says:

    Hate begets hate — where does it stop? Allah is a merciful and just GOD. So why would he perpuate hate amongst the three religions of monotheism? NOT! STOP THE MADNESS! Yes, I am an American Muslim and I love my faith, but I do not believe in killing innocent people to advance a warped misguided agenda regardless who does it. There is blood on everyone’s hands, there are no clean hands — get it? All governments have danced with Shaytan and carried out his intentions– show me a pure agenda — and I will tell you — you are delusional. Pray for the unity of the umma as ALLAH intends — NOT BY POWER OR BY GREED OR WITH EMPTY PRIDE — but true islam as the prophet (PBUH) intended. It takes moral courage to stand up for what is right. BE BOLD! BE BRAVE!

  5. Mohamed says:

    Killer of Munafiquns & Jundullah. You two are the real munafiqiin and crusader abetting muslims. May Allah guide you.

  6. Mohamed from Norway says:

    Masha’llah Yasir Qadhi. May Allah bless you for all you are doing for Islam. You are showing a True good Muslim Character and that’s what will attract non-muslims to Islam not terrorism. May Allah guide all muslims Insha’allah.

  7. A random guy says:

    y do u guys type so much bullshit? Allah help u munafiqun killa (u typed alot of bs)

  8. may Allah reward you with janna, keep it up.

  9. Nasir aziz says:

    sum i plzz tell me how 2 download des video clips.as in u tube dere r ltd video clips of sh.yasir qadhi.

  10. Iban Batota says:

    Br. Sheikh Yasir Qadi has spoken the truth. He has beautifully analyze the whole issue. He has pointed out the mistakes of both sides. For all this, may Allah reward him and protect him from all bad things and from ill-wishers. He has boldly set an example for the other Muslim and non-Muslim preachers to come out and speak the truth.

  11. audi says:


    Yasir Qadhi – 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – Mobilizing the Muslim Youth: Strengthening Faith, Fostering Action | Halal Tube

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