Lectures on Fitna

Khaled Abou El Fadl From Bearing Witness to Becoming the Opiate of the Masses

Yasir Qadhi Era of Trials and Tribulations

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Solutions to your problems

Shadee Elmasry The cure in times of difficulty

Yaser Birjas Hope in Surat Ad-Duha

Nouman Ali Khan The Damage Done By Excess

Yasir Qadhi Remaining Firm in Confusing Times

Omar Suleiman Social Media and Spirituality: Online Drama and Onsite Realities

Yasmin Mogahed Why Does Evil Exist? Hardships & Struggle on the Path to Allah

Yasir Qadhi Du’a in distress & calamity that guarantees a response!

Suleiman Moola The Cure to Every Hardship

Nouman Ali Khan A Life of Ease

Yahya Rhodus Surah Taha & The Trials of Our Day

Omar Suleiman A Prophetic Response to Tragedy

Nouman Ali Khan Crisis in the Muslim Ummah

Abdul Nasir Jangda Allah is with Us

Navaid Aziz Hardship is Coming

Suzy Ismail The Pain Within

Dunia Shuaib Why Me?

Navaid Aziz Serenity in the Face of Calamity

Tahir Wyatt Stop the Fitnah, Save the Community

Imam Zaid Shakir Rising in Revival, Setting in Submission

Omar Suleiman Reviving Righteousness in Difficult Times

Saad Tasleem Escaping Abuse: Patience vs Suffering in Silence

Saad Tasleem Why Me?

AbdulBary Yahya Balancing between Dunya and Deen

Ieasha Prime Despite All Hardships: Standing Firm in our Principles and Beliefs

Nuh Ha Mim Keller On Suffering

Yasir Qadhi Why is there so much suffering in this world?

Zaid Shakir Be a True Follower of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Mokhtar Maghraoui You May Hate Something and Allah has Put Much Good in it

AbdelRahman Murphy Dealing With Difficult Times

Yahya Rhodus Being Happy for the Sake of Allah & Enduring the Difficulties

Yusha Evans Islam Today: Holding on to Burning Ember

Said Rageah In Times of Difficulty

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Natural Disasters: The Islamic Response

Omar Suleiman Coping In Difficult Times

AbdulBary Yahya Thanking Allah for Your Blessings

Yahya Rhodus Faith in Times of Tribulations

Yasir Fahmy With Difficulty Comes Ease

Ismail ibn Musa Menk The Reaction

Yasir Qadhi With every difficulty there is ease

Saad Tasleem Seeking Serenity

Mokhtar Maghraoui Life Is Filled With Difficulty and Ease

AbdurRaheem McCarthy Dealing with Difficulties

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis A Message to Humanity

Yahya Rhodus Seeking Allah’s Pleasure in Dealing with Trials

Kamal el Mekki How Can I Find Peace In My Life?

Yasir Qadhi Why is There Suffering in This World?

Abu Taubah Coping with the Hardships of Life

Saad Tasleem “…to say, ‘We Believe’ and they will not be tried?”

Abdul Nasir Jangda “If you won’t aid him… Allah has already aided him”

Yahya Rhodus How Do We Respond to The Troubles of the Time

Yasmin Mogahed Night of Destiny (London)

Abdul Nasir Jangda The Struggles of this Dunya with Shaykh

Yassir Fazaga How Do You Handle Yourself in Time of Difficulties

Yahya Rhodus The Traits of Believers in the Face of Challenges

Yahya Rhodus Tribulations from a Faith Perspective

Omar Suleiman Knowing Allah Is Liberation

Nouman Ali Khan How Gratitude Shapes our Lives

Zaid Shakir Where Is Allah?

Zaid Shakir Confront Challenging Days With Beautiful Patience

Nouman Ali Khan Purify Your Faith

Yahya Rhodus Living in the Moment and Our Duty to Serve Creation

Omar Suleiman Is There Hope for the Ummah?

Nouman Ali Khan Facing Calamity with Iman

AbdelRahman Murphy Suffering and Divine Wisdom

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Hardships

Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf What Goes Around Comes Around

Yasir Qadhi Why Is there Evil in This World? And a Response to the San Bernardino Shootings

Omar Suleiman Why does Allah…?

Yahya Rhodus Preserving Faith During Fitna: The Elevated Path

Ismail ibn Musa Menk When Calamity Strikes

Hamza Yusuf The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction

Yasir Qadhi Sanctity & Value of Life: Egypt, Syria, Burma

Nouman Ali Khan Gratitude: A Way of Life

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Cries of the Ummah

Abu Taubah Dealing With Trials & Tribulations

AbdulBary Yahya Not Tomorrow, Today

Nouman Ali Khan Recent Tragedies in Boston and Abroad: A Quranic Perspective

Feiz Muhammad Dangers of the Tongue

Nouman Ali Khan Al-Qur’an: Lessons through Stories

Haroon Moghul Is God Punishing the Ummah?

Yasir Qadhi Where Is The Satisfaction In Life?

Hamza Yusuf Remembering the Days of Allah

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