Be Peacemakers

Hamza Yusuf

3 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Be Peacemakers ”

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  2. Adib says:

    Very beneficial mashallah hey we r getting old day by day,. what else is there to do but sstruggle and shaykh hamza is correct we need to be peacemakers in this dunya. Eventually as it continues we will find that this ultimate peace is goin to be a sigh of sola so we may practie and raise our din , but in the end ultimate peace is wid akhirah. So let’s try to get this ense of peace in our homes inshallah it will be the best fealing

    asslamualikum warahmatullahih wabarakathuh

  3. ENG says:

    May Allah reward perpetrators of peace

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