Lectures on African American

The Race to Save Our Souls: Black folks & Muslims Ieasha Prime

The Black Liberation Movement and Muslim Solidarity Zaid Shakir

On Race, Allyship & Following Black Leadership Khalid Latif

Racism, Social Justice & Black Lives Matter Abu Usamah

Racism in America and the Role of American Muslims In Combatting It Yasir Qadhi

The Gravity of One Murder, and the Death of Justice Omar Suleiman

The Legacy of Malcolm X Khalid Latif

Black History, Resistance & Racism: A Modern Day Problem Ieasha Prime

Black History, American Muslims, and Conversations about Race Omar Suleiman

Facing Bigots With Outreach, Civil Services, and Civic Engagement Siraj Wahhaj

The Powerful Prayer of a Mother Omar Suleiman

Malcolm & Martin: Intersecting Visions of Justice Omar Suleiman

Remaining Firm in Faith Against Challenging Ideologies Siraj Wahhaj

Reclaiming Our Legacy Zaid Shakir

Being Black, Being Muslim Ieasha Prime

Slavery, Freedom & The Five Johari Abdul Malik

Hearing Malcolm’s Voice; Hearing Malcom’s Silence Suhaib Webb

The Legacy of Black Muslims Throughout History Suhaib Webb

Give to others what we want from God Omar Suleiman

Confident Muslim: On Finding Your Purpose and Investing in the Youth Ibn Ali Miller

Justice for Stephon Clark, Jordan Edwards, Jamilah Arshad… Omar Suleiman

The History of Islam in America Sulayman Nyang

Black Lives Matter: Standing For Justice Siraj Wahhaj

Islam in the Hood: The Power Within Ibn Ali Miller

Fight for Those Giants On Whose Shoulders We Stand Today Zaid Shakir

Deepening Community Engagement within Inner Cities with Social Services Altaf Husain

A History of Black Islam in America Abdal Hakim Jackson

Do All Lives Matter? Zaid Shakir

Black Muslim Americans and the Challenge of Community Integration Altaf Husain

The Making of A Slave Psychological Warfare: Religion, Law, & Culture Abdul Malik

Our Legacy: African-Americans in Islam Ieasha Prime

Ethnic Jihad Hamza Yusuf

Thoughts on Dallas Shooting and Black Lives Matter Omar Suleiman

The passing of Muhammad Ali Hamza Yusuf

I Can’t Breathe Suhaib Webb

The Life of Malcolm X Siraj Wahhaj

Mark of a Hero: Malcolm X Siraj Wahhaj

Islam, Slavery and the African Abdullah Hakim Quick

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