If Trayvon Came to the Masjid

Omar Suleiman

3 Responses to “ Omar Suleiman – If Trayvon Came to the Masjid ”

  1. Noah Shaheed says:

    Suban’Allah! This khutba was excellent! May Allah bless brother Suleiman and those who follow his sincere advice given here.

  2. feizaa says:

    MashALLAH… this lecture remind me of myself and subahanALLAH its hard to realize how we can be be verry judgmental without knowing it! JAKALAHKHAIR!

  3. nadia abdulatif says:

    SUBHAN’ALLAH!!! A great reminder to all of us… it shows us how we need to look at the mirror first before passing judgement… we continue to be holier than thou and look down on others… as muslims we have to be good examples to others first….. Mashallah Sheikh Omar Suleiman is one of my favourites sheikhs… very inspiring… May Allah reward him for all his good works…Amiin

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