Lectures on Racism

The Social Roots Of Our Personal Prejudices Khalid Latif

Uphold Justice: Stop Oppression Tahir Wyatt

The Race to Save Our Souls: Black folks & Muslims Ieasha Prime

The Black Liberation Movement and Muslim Solidarity Zaid Shakir

On Race, Allyship & Following Black Leadership Khalid Latif

Racism, Social Justice & Black Lives Matter Abu Usamah

When the Sahaba Met a Racist King Omar Suleiman

Racism in America and the Role of American Muslims In Combatting It Yasir Qadhi

Color of Skin Nouman Ali Khan

The Gravity of One Murder, and the Death of Justice Omar Suleiman

The Legacy of Malcolm X Khalid Latif

Black History, Resistance & Racism: A Modern Day Problem Ieasha Prime

Black History, American Muslims, and Conversations about Race Omar Suleiman

Facing Bigots With Outreach, Civil Services, and Civic Engagement Siraj Wahhaj

Facing Bigots With Outreach, Civil Services, and Civic Engagement Dalia Fahmy

Malcolm & Martin: Intersecting Visions of Justice Omar Suleiman

Our Obligation to Society Khalid Latif

Hearing Malcolm’s Voice; Hearing Malcom’s Silence Suhaib Webb

Mocking Others and Arrogance Nouman Ali Khan

Racism In Our Society Zahir Mahmood

Don’t Hide, Follow the Light Zaid Shakir

On Race and Religion Dalia Mogahed

Justice for Stephon Clark, Jordan Edwards, Jamilah Arshad… Omar Suleiman

Do All Lives Matter? Zaid Shakir

Resist Bigotry: Stand up to Racism & Hate Ieasha Prime

Reflections on the Last Sermon Zaid Shakir

American Muslims: United by Trump and Divided by Race Altaf Husain

Solutions to Racism and Bigotry Dalia Fahmy

Dealing With Racism And Bigotry Yusha Evans

Countering Bigotry: The Prophet’s ﷺ Last Sermon Yasir Fahmy

Ethnic Jihad Hamza Yusuf

Struggle for Social Justice Suhaib Webb

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.: Racism and Differences in the Ummah on the Mawlid Suhaib Webb

Racism & Youth Issues Khalid Yasin

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