Faraz Rabbani Lectures

Welcome to Rabiʿ al-Awwal & the Virtues of Praising the Prophet ﷺ

Contentment with Where Allah Has Placed You

Don’t Fear, Truly God Is With Us: The Unconditional Hope

Imam Abu Hanifa: Six Lessons from His Life

Planning For Success: Steps To Raising Righteous Muslim Children

How to Seek Islamic Knowledge

Whom Should I Take My Islamic Knowledge From?

Finding Allah with the Broken Hearted

On War & Beheading: How ISIS Manipulates Hadiths

The Concern of Sincere Seekers of Knowledge : Examples from Living Islamic Scholars

Rush To The Remembrance Of Allah

What is the Straight Path of Islam? “Guide us to the Straight Path” Explained

Lasting Love: What Makes for Successful Marriage?

Celebrating the Beauty of the Prophet Muhammad

Domestic Violence Has No Place in Islam: Importance of Rights & Conduct

Stand Steadfastly For Justice

A Vision for the Muslim Community

Discussion and Disagreement