Lectures on Youth

Altaf Husain Reframing the Gender Question: Navigating Adolescence

Omar Suleiman Torch Bearers: Streamlining the Sunnah

AbdelRahman Murphy Strange Beginnings

Abdul Nasir Jangda Who Am I?

Suhaib Webb Building Self Esteem Within The Muslim Youth Community

Zaid Shakir Pursuing Knowledge That Benefits

Siraj Wahhaj Youth Role Models in the Quran and Among the Companions

Nouman Ali Khan In Need of Wisdom

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Youth In A Daze, Lost In A Maze

Bilal Assad Women Companions of the Prophet: Barakah

Yasir Qadhi Our Time Our Challenges: Ultra Conservative Vs. Ultra Liberalism

AbdelRahman Murphy What Is Your Legacy?

Omar Suleiman The Dark Path of Infidelity: Do Not Approach Zina

Wisam Sharieff Shadows of Doubt

Saad Tasleem The Challenge of Raising the Next Generation

AbdelRahman Murphy Building Confident Generation Following Prophetic Guidance

Hasan Ali The Magic Lollipop

Yasmin Mogahed The Reality of this Life

Nouman Ali Khan A Fresh Start: Dealing with Doubts in Islam

AbdelRahman Murphy Talking Young: Ground Their Beliefs NOW

Altaf Husain Religious identity on campus and serving the community

Said Rageah Marriage Advice

Abdullah Hakim Quick Cannabis in Islam

Hasan Ali We Need Some Answers From God

Mohamed Hoblos Allah Doesn’t Need You! Why am I here?

Imam Zaid Shakir Rising in Revival, Setting in Submission

Abu Usamah The Evils of the Gangster Lifestyle

Ibn Ali Miller Making A Difference

Abdul Malik The Next Gen Youth: Islamically Provisioned

Saad Tasleem Self-Imposed Segregation

Ibn Ali Miller Confident Muslim: On Finding Your Purpose and Investing in the Youth

Saad Tasleem Your Online Life

Ibn Ali Miller How to get Brothers off the Road

Ibn Ali Miller Deen over Dunya

Altaf Husain Musab Ibn Umair (R)

Hasan Ali Entertaining Ourselves to Death

Zaid Shakir LGBTQ and Islam: Our Approach

Yasir Fahmy The Struggle of Youth & the Importance of Empathy

Ibn Ali Miller True To Your Roots

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Dealing With Life’s Struggles

Nouman Ali Khan Ready to Withstand Challenges

Tamara Gray Balancing Deen & Dunya, Modelling Prophetic Community

Khalid Latif Keys To Success

Rania Awaad Modern Muslim Parenting Panel

Ieasha Prime Armor Of The Believer

Abdullah Hakim Quick The Battle for Hearts

Dalia Mogahed Lessons from Surah Mudatthir

Suzy Ismail Why I am a Muslim

Suhaib Webb Deen Over Desire: Building the Islamic Identity

Suhaib Webb I Tried and It Didn’t Work

Yasir Qadhi What’s Holding Me Back? I Don’t Feel Like It

Suzy Ismail Teen Rebellion: Causes and Solutions

Mohamed Magid Balancing Deen in the Social Scene

Abdul Nasir Jangda Ignore the Haters, Block the Trolls

Suzy Ismail How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Bilal Philips Challenges Facing The Muslim Youth In The 21st Century

Usama Canon Intersection of Identity

Yasmin Mogahed A Look in the Mirror

Saad Tasleem How to Raise a Sahabi

Nouman Ali Khan Open the Doors to Marriage

Muslema Purmul What’s Your Lifestyle?

Abu Usamah A Clarification on Magic

Siraj Wahhaj Why Are You Just Standing There?

Altaf Husain Children Don’t Come With a Manual, Do They?

Ismail ibn Musa Menk The Youth And Realities Of The 21st Century

Zaid Shakir The Seven Types of Special People

Yaseen Shaikh Who Do You Follow?

Hamza Yusuf Torchbearers: Creating Positive Changes

Zahir Mahmood A Diary Of A Real Man

Altaf Husain Body Image: Reality and Standards

Hamza Yusuf Respond with What is Better

Hesham Al-Awadi Serving Society: Taking Inspiration From the Prophet’s Guidance

Saad Tasleem My iPath

Saad Tasleem Elephant in the Room: Pornography

Abdul Nasir Jangda Religion and Education: The Struggle for an Identity

Nouman Ali Khan The Nature of Friendship in Light of the Quran

Omar Suleiman Youth: The Lifeline of a Community

Nouman Ali Khan Future of Youth Activism

Hasan Ali No One Understands Me

Suhaib Webb Rerouting To The Straight Path

Khalid Latif When I Found Out Marshmallows Weren’t Halal

Bilal Philips Gangsterism: Busting the Gang

Wisam Sharieff Time: A Wasted Treasure

Kamal el Mekki Zina, A Temptation: Zina/Adultery and its Adverse Effects on Society

Yasmin Mogahed Burn Out Phenomenon

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Win the Battle Against Temptation

Ismail ibn Musa Menk In Memory of Adeel Hussain: Reflecting on where we will die

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Happily Ever After: Growing Marriage for a Lifetime

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Omar Suleiman The Search for the Sound of the Soul

Nouman Ali Khan The Search for the Sound of the Soul

AbdelRahman Murphy Riyaa (Pride, Showing Off)

Omar Suleiman The Road Less Traveled

Omar Suleiman Love and Dating

Nouman Ali Khan The Muslim Youth of Tomorrow

Abdul Nasir Jangda Life in the FAST Lane

Omar Suleiman Freedom in Islam

Nouman Ali Khan The Role Model

Omar Suleiman The Day of Judgement

Omar Suleiman Fighting Zina

Nouman Ali Khan Timeless Guidance

Khalid Yasin Racism & Youth Issues

Khalid Yasin From the Root to the Fruit

Nouman Ali Khan Impact of Youth in Today’s Society

Omar Suleiman Purify Your Soul by Perfecting Modesty (Hayaa)

AbdelRahman Murphy Facebook Relationships and Friendships

Altaf Husain Life After MSA

Nouman Ali Khan Shield of Honor

Nouman Ali Khan Chronicles of the Sahabas in their Youth

Siraj Wahhaj The Pursuit of Excellence

Siraj Wahhaj Mark of a Hero: Malcolm X

Hamza Yusuf The Educational System in America

Omar Suleiman The Youth Dilemma

AbdelRahman Murphy LoveStruck: The Girls, The Guys & The Gaze

Yasir Qadhi Rethinking Romance: Discovering Islam’s First Love Story

Yaser Birjas – Rethinking Romance: Discovering Islam’s First Love Story

Zaid Shakir Shielding our Hearts: Facebook, Twitter, & “Me” Generation

Abdullah Hakim Quick 10 Great Challenges Facing Every Muslim

Nouman Ali Khan Following the Lizard

Abdul Malik Challenges Muslim Youth Face in Society

Abdullah Hakim Quick Revival of the Ummah

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