Shielding our Hearts: Facebook, Twitter, & “Me” Generation

Zaid Shakir

9 Responses to “ Zaid Shakir – Shielding our Hearts: Facebook, Twitter, & “Me” Generation ”

  1. Ahamed says:

    Assalamu Alaikkum,

    I could play the file. However I cant download/save the file.

    Could you please advise. Zajakallahu Khair.

  2. Shoon says:

    iPad won’t play Flash Player. Silly iPad.

  3. Downloader says:

    if anyone wants me to email the file to them please leave a comment

  4. Abdulrasheed says:

    Salam, pls i want you to advise me on how to download the audio lectures. May Allah continue to guide you all. Amen

  5. Downloader says:

    i can send it to you by email. To download the file you must have a program which i have so anyone who would like it leave your email and you will have it in a few minutes

  6. ridwan lawal says:

    tried severally to download audio lectures because the video download takes more space, even after right clicking the download link.

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