Lectures on Islamophobia

Linda Sarsour Haters Gonna Hate: How to Manage the Opposition

Khaled Abou El Fadl Islamophobia, Racism and the New Zealand Massacre

Nouman Ali Khan Don’t Underestimate Any Good Deed: The Quran’s Approach on Dealing With Attacks on Islam

Suhaib Webb The Struggles of Muslims in America

Zaid Shakir Don’t Hide, Follow the Light

Dalia Mogahed On Race and Religion

Zahir Mahmood “Muslim” Grooming Gangs

Ieasha Prime Dispelling Myths

Zaid Shakir Face to Face with Islamophobia

Dalia Fahmy Justice and Pluralism in the West, Myth or Reality

Omar Suleiman Ending the Debate on the Age of Aisha (ra)

Omar Suleiman Coping In Difficult Times

Dalia Fahmy Grassroots Activism Results in Solidarity with Muslims

Jonathan Brown The Message of Peace: Spread by the Sword?

Linda Sarsour Don’t Believe the Hype! The Making of the Muslim Menace

Zaid Shakir Why Muhammad ﷺ Is Great

Omar Suleiman Quran and Islamophobia

Dalia Mogahed Strategy of the Muslim Community after the 2016 Elections

Dalia Fahmy No Fear: I am a Muslim

Abdul Nasir Jangda “If you won’t aid him… Allah has already aided him”

Dalia Fahmy Solutions to Racism and Bigotry

Yasir Qadhi Muslims in America & The Lessons from The Era of ‘Yellow Fear’

Jonathan Brown Canaries in a Coal Mine: How Islamophobia Threatens All Americans

Abdur-Raheem Green Islamophobia Its Reality & How to Deal with it?

Hamza Yusuf The Perversion of Islam

Saad Tasleem The Outsiders: Addressing Islamophobia

Omar Suleiman I’m too Afraid to Wear Hijab or Pray in Public

Yasir Qadhi Paris Bombings and the Rise of Islamophobia

Suhaib Webb Reflections on Bill Maher Debate

Suhaib Webb Real Islam: A Response to Bill Maher

Yasir Qadhi Embracing Islamophobia

Wisam Sharieff The Journey Begins Today: You are the messenger

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis Islamic Law: Barbaric or Misundestood?

Jonathan Brown Islamophobia in the Making

Tariq Ramadan The Echoes of God’s Word

Kamal el Mekki Islam: Beyond Modern Myths (Transcending Modern Myths)

Tawfique Chowdhury They Insult Muhammad (s), We Praise Him

Nouman Ali Khan To My Angry Muslim Brother

Abdul Nasir Jangda Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Yasir Qadhi Winning the Battle against Islamophobia: Fighting Bigotry & Intolerance

Altaf Husain Anti-Islamic Bigotry

Hamza Yusuf Islamophobia: The Crisis of Muslims in the West

Yasir Qadhi Islamophobia: Between Fear and Action

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