Zaytuna College: Where Islam Meets America

Hamza Yusuf

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28 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Zaytuna College: Where Islam Meets America ”

  1. Talib says:

    SubhanAllah! I was there at this event tonight! What amazing scholar Sh. Hamza, Imam Zaid, Imam Tahir, and many more.

  2. AH says:

    May Allah bless them abundantly in this dunya and even more so in the Aakirah.Ameen.

  3. hussain says:

    Sadly this was just a rant, can he tell all those muslims in prison unjustly in the US that they should be grateful for living in the US, if he thinks no one will be emotional after witnessing the death of their loved ones, he must be living on another planet. Being a realist and not an idealist makes you excuse muslims for their behaviour, he seems to be so critical of muslims that I wonder if his concern for ‘Rahmah’ only apply to non muslims.
    Allah knows best.

  4. Zaid says:

    angry Shk. Buti who doesn’t understand the West like the noble man does.

  5. […] preserve him) spoke eloquently on this same subject.  You can listen to their lectures here and here from the event, respectively.  They echoed what I said above but communicated it in a much better […]

  6. Husain says:

    Hamza Yusuf,

    You are a seriously confused, angry person. This is what you said: “”We don’t have people representing the religion that SHOULD be representing the religion. We have people speaking on behalf of the religion that don’t have sakina, that lose control, that get angry, that are overcome by emotion… the Prophet was cool, calm, and collected.”

    Please, follow your own advice before trashing others.

    Till then, please be quiet and stop confusing people.

    Wa salam,

  7. Abdelmalik says:

    Husain, there is a way to advice people and call them to khayr. Shaykh Hamza has an email address. People of knowledge deserves respect, even if we disagree with them.

  8. Husain says:


    I am unaware of his email address but if you are willing to share it, then I will email him personally.

    People of knowledge need to learn to be responsible for their words and actions.

    Be sure to read the conversation here: to know that many others are fed up with Hamza Yusuf’s negative attitude towards “immigrants” and his constant disparaging comments towards the Muslim world.

    Thank you.

    Wassaalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakatuhu,

  9. mohamed says:


    pls keep ur 2 cent worth 2 ur self

    shaykh hamza yusuf deserves respect and a least he is out they doing something for the religion

    i agree with him what he said lets try to fix our self and look at our fault before we judge people belive we arent all perfect
    these day people wait for shaykh hamza to make a mistake all do not agree with him they start talking about him with no respect shaykh hamza yusuf has done alot for the muslim around the world if u do not agree with him that its better to be silent

    may allah preserve shaykh hamza yusuf for this ummah ameen

  10. Muslim says:


    You’re absolutely wrong. We really do need to stop playing this emotional game of blaming “them” WITHOUT doing anything productive. Where are the Muslim hospitals, institutions, productive societies? Where? We had it at one time, but now most of us are angry and whine about how our past glory was stripped from us, while we do little to correct that. Sure, listening to talks and praying will help your own self, but what are you doing for the society around you? Surely, you realize that the Prophet (pbuh) never called for practicing a “selfish” Islam?

    This is all the Shaykh is saying — to step out of our boxes, engage the society and be productive MUSLIM citizens.

  11. mohamed says:


    jazak allah khair and well said

    we need more people like shaykh hamza yusuf that talk the truth may allah reward him and give him long life ameen

    i once spoke to a shaykh that knows shaykh hamza yusuf very well i told him shaykh why do people talk about shaykh hamza yusuf with no respect and talk bad about him

    he told me they envy shaykh hamza yusuf

  12. Afroz Ali says:

    Assalaam Alaikum,

    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, may Allah raise his ranks, is not angry; he is simply speaking the truth. What he is saying about the Buddhists, etc, is crystal clear facts.

    Shaykh Hamza indeed would follow advice given to him; I know that for a fact. But that is not the point at all. The point is that Muslims need to take positive criticisms, particularly painful ones, seriously because it is simply the truth.

    And success is only with and from Allah.

    Was Salaam

  13. Abdallah says:

    Well, I don’t think Husain has listen to this lecture. he is coming with a bagage, it’s what has been feed to him about Shaykh Hamza. Trust me people like him no matter how hard they try to damage the reputation of people of Allah they will not be able to so. Shaykh Hamza is way above these guys who know just enough religion to hate people. I feel sorry for him, not for Shaykh Hamza, as everyone knows what Shaykh Hamza has done for the Ummah of the Prophet peace be upon him, and I don’t know what Husain has done except back biting the scholars. May Allah guide him.

  14. ali says:

    Sheykh Hamza Yusuf is a blessing, a great blessing that Allah, The Most Mercifull, the Most Wise, the Perfect Provider, the Most Generous has given to Umma Muhamad. Have you seen how much this man loves Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w).? Do you know how much he has done for the muslims and the non-muslims? he could not have done all of these and be at the state he is at without Allah helping him constantly. Oh, God, please continue to help him forever and love him and give us more like him so we can continue to benifit from him and his knowledge. alhamdulilahi Rabil Alamin. Allahu Akbar!

  15. mohamed says:


    ameen to ur dua

  16. Shahma says:

    Assalam Alaikum

    brothers..I know that ALLAH has made some people on earth a tribulation for others, lets not be that person. Overlooking the fact that Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s statements to some muslim immigrants had a bitter taste to it, lets not miss the point the shkh was making…and that is to talk eloquently to each other and to none-muslims. This sheikh is one of my favorite sheikh, and even though you may not agree with him brother Husain, but they way u responded was a little disrespectful ..and I know that you will agree that…even if the sheikh was wrong ..our prophet (peace b upon him) would have responded in a better manner.

    Assalam Alaikum

  17. Abubakar Kasim says:

    I could not sleep until almost 3:00 am. as I had to finish listening to this great lecture of Sh. Hamza Yusuf.

    I admire noble people like Sheikh Hamza whose messages are based on balance, sanity and objectivity.

    It makes me sad to see few Muslims in our midst who do not have something called tolerance.

    You either have to agree with them or you are a Kaafir, unbeliever.

    I don’t know Sheikh Hamza personally. I have been fortunate enough to listen to his lectures and to meet him at the airport recently when he visited Toronto, Canada, for the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference.

    He is a humble man, wise, knowledgeable and a precious gift whom we should take advantage of in benefiting from him from his knowledge and wisdom.

    May Allah grant him success, good health, safety and security in this life and in the next. Amin.

  18. mike says:

    did you know that zaytuna college is being built and organized by pakistanis? and by immigrants. stop speaking negatively. you are not a sheikh and you have not studied nearly as much as sh hamza. if you disagree with him, ask him face to face. other than that, keep quiet, at least online. the damage you think he may be doing is of no comparison. please follow the sunnah yourself before typing again and speak positively only? do you truly think a man of his knowledge came to isb to criticize immigrants? he is surrounded by immigrants here in the bay area. do some research–it’s a pakistani and his indus friend starting up zaytuna college. sh hamza is only spiritual advisor which makes sense since he has more knowledge than anyone you are probably in touch with. why? he has studied nearly 30 years and possesses ijaaza. i love you my brother but i am worried for you–i dont think you’re able to sleep at night. please focus on your community, more especially, your well being as a muslim in the states and help your family. what he has done for the ummah, you will never do. read his books, and then tell me, do you think he is that bad? perhaps he ought to rearrange his words sometimes, as far as you’re concerned, but there is no concept of digital nor physical argumentation and hate in the tradition islamic culture. this messge of mine isnt to tell you what you are saying is right or wrong….it’s telling you to keep any negative to yourself, since you can’t be sure of it. we dont like it when non-muslims open the quran up to the beat your wives quote, so dont put few silly quotes of his speech here. thanks. i love you. may allaah guide all of us. also, if you come to zaytuna meetings here in berkeley, you will see that there are immigrants everywhere. call zaytuna. go to their page and call them. a pakistani is the lady working in the office. there is a mix of all colors here. immigrants and converts, everything. the gatherings are beautiful–everyone is mixed and everyone is nice. just trust me. if you think i am lying, i encourage you to do research. may allaah protect you.

  19. student says:


    May Allah reward Sh. Hamza and make him a continued source of benefit to our community.

    I must say, he did slip in an interesting notion of abrogation. He practically said “if it’s abrogated, why is in the Qur’an?” Hmmm.

    Also, I appreciate his message about less complaining, more action, but his “this is America” rant ought to be taken with a grain of salt.

    And as a Torontonian I am a bit doubtful that 10% of Toronto is Muslim.

  20. moneeb sayed says:

    salam brother,

    today i was at the Isna convention. and i asked u for your phone number i you can send me your number and email address to

    thank you brother
    P.S #1 fan.
    P.S.S if u can send me more duua.

  21. Zafran says:


    Great speech


  22. AH says:

    Always a pleasure to listen to the knowledgeable shaykh, only Allah alone knows how many people have benefitted from his bayan’s.

    May Allah bless, reward and preserve Shaykh Hamza for the ummah and may Allah bless and reward all the shuyukh

    May Allah send his peace and blessings upon Rasool allah, the greatest of creation, the shadowless noor, the mercy to the worlds.

  23. Saqib says:


    I have three words for you brother: Calm Down.

  24. blakus says:

    Hello, as you may already found I’m fresh here.
    Hope to get any help from you if I will have any quesitons.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! 🙂

  25. Bogus immigration consultants beware, the Canadian migration authorities have publicized they’re clamping down. Reports soon is that they have stated that they will go after and reprimand to the whole degree of the legislation those that abuse people inside this industry , with prison terms at the least. Exactly how rife are these claims process regarding duping consumers? I’ve never come across it.

  26. Nisar says:

    I am a proud muslim but for the first time i felt really bad for the white people n bad bout our attitude as muslims

  27. mikejones says:

    Overall good talk. He did call some overseas places in Egypt and Pakistan ‘dysfunctional backwaters’ so that was a bit offensive, but otherwise not a bad talk.

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