Jonathan Brown Lectures

How The True Meaning Of The Quran Should Be Understood In Historical Context

Navigating the Boundaries of Culture and Religion

Caged and Forgotten: Muslim Political Prisoners in Post-9/11 America

Cultural & Artistic Diversity in the Muslim World

The Message of Peace: Spread by the Sword?

The Prophet Muhammad & the Model of Sharia Pluralism

The Islamic World Today: Understandings and Misunderstandings

Currents Debates within Islam

Islam’s Contributions to Where it Spread

When Modern Values Contradict Islamic Values

Sharia & Forbidding Evil: Limits and Etiquettes

Can Salvation be Found Outside of Islam

What are the Islamic Rules of Collaboration?

Understanding the Historical Model of Muslim Societies Under Islamic Law

The Ethics of a Muslim Towards Society

Canaries in a Coal Mine: How Islamophobia Threatens All Americans

The Context of Shariah in a Democratic Government

Modernization, Protestantism and Salafism Symposium

How to Approach Hadith: Verifying and Understanding Hadith

Islam and the Problem of Slavery

Reshaping the Contemporary Muslim Mind

Shariah, Violence, and Contemporary Issues

The Myth of a Universal Islamic State

A Crisis of Confidence Amongst Muslims & How We Read Our Scripture

Is there Justice Outside God’s Law?: Making Sense of the Boundaries of the Sharīʿah in Islamic Civilization

The Religious Dimension of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How to Understand Prophetic Speech

Sharia and the Modern World

Hadith: Between Muslim Conviction & Western Criticism

Islamophobia in the Making

Hadith: Muhammad’s Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World

Abiding Stereotypes About the Prophet Muhammad in the Medieval and Modern West

An Introduction to Hadith