Jonathan Brown Lectures

What the West could Learn from the Life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Is Sharia Law Barbaric?

Slavery and Islam

Slavery in Islam

Reframing the Gender Question: Keeping Masculinity from Trending Toxic

The Logic of Islamic Law and Its Transformation in Modernity

Abolition of Slavery in Islam

How The True Meaning Of The Quran Should Be Understood In Historical Context

Navigating the Boundaries of Culture and Religion

Caged and Forgotten: Muslim Political Prisoners in Post-9/11 America

Cultural & Artistic Diversity in the Muslim World

The Message of Peace: Spread by the Sword?

The Prophet Muhammad & the Model of Sharia Pluralism

The Islamic World Today: Understandings and Misunderstandings

Currents Debates within Islam

Islam’s Contributions to Where it Spread

When Modern Values Contradict Islamic Values

Sharia & Forbidding Evil: Limits and Etiquettes

Can Salvation be Found Outside of Islam

What are the Islamic Rules of Collaboration?

Understanding the Historical Model of Muslim Societies Under Islamic Law

The Ethics of a Muslim Towards Society

Canaries in a Coal Mine: How Islamophobia Threatens All Americans

The Context of Shariah in a Democratic Government

Modernization, Protestantism and Salafism Symposium

How to Approach Hadith: Verifying and Understanding Hadith

Islam and the Problem of Slavery

Reshaping the Contemporary Muslim Mind

Shariah, Violence, and Contemporary Issues

The Myth of a Universal Islamic State

A Crisis of Confidence Amongst Muslims & How We Read Our Scripture

Is there Justice Outside God’s Law?: Making Sense of the Boundaries of the Sharīʿah in Islamic Civilization

The Religious Dimension of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How to Understand Prophetic Speech

Sharia and the Modern World

Hadith: Between Muslim Conviction & Western Criticism

Islamophobia in the Making

Hadith: Muhammad’s Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World

Abiding Stereotypes About the Prophet Muhammad in the Medieval and Modern West

An Introduction to Hadith

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