Hadith Collection and Criticism

Jonathan Brown

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46 Responses to “ Jonathan Brown – Hadith Collection and Criticism ”

  1. adrian says:

    This comment has been removed

  2. tr says:

    your comment is disgusting .

  3. Aloosh says:

    Sorry Jonathan, for the last two comments. I believe we are all Muslims and no one has a right to call someone else a name.
    Jonathan would u ever be available to speak in a class? I will highely appreciate that.

    Thank you.

  4. Aisha Nuriya says:

    You, brother, who criticized Jonatham Brown for holding hands in his pockets,

    First of all, we shouldn’t criticize each other for small things like that. You can suggest to a person to observe his or her body language in a friendly form, for example.

    Secondly, Islam is a long way. We learn day by day. Are YOU free from mistakes? Are you perfect in your knowledge, in your faith, in your attitudes towards people?

    Thirdly, remember from the example of our Prophet sas that he forgave his followers mistakes which were much more serious than that… remember? Who shows no mercy, no mercy will be shown upon him…

    Fourthly, you never know the degree of a person’s faith, only Allah swt does. Just judging person by his outwardly behaviour is a dangerous and stupid thing.

  5. A says:

    salaam everyone
    I am writing in support of brother Jonathan from the shallow criticism posed here. I know him personally and know how knowledgeable he is. Mashallah his mastery of Arabic and other languages in inspiring. Maybe he has his own manner of saying things, which might not agreeable for everyone, but I reassure you that he is respectful of Islam and does his best to be a leading Muslim scholar in the US, and for those who know academia, such a position is very challenging..may Allah bless him and guide us all to represent Islam in the best way

  6. Sohail Rizki says:


  7. Abdul Qahaar says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    I don’t understand our community? We have a fetish for criticizing others that is beyond me. Where is the adab of the Prophet with many of you self righteous folks? Where is the mercy of the Prophet? This is a convert to Islam who, and I’ve seen him in Egypt studying with some major scholars, has done is best to present some very beneficial knowledge.

    Wallahi, we are not a community that lacks knowledge. We are an community that lacks etiquette? You brothers who are busing throwing stones at the brothers should ponder on your own states, seek humility and learn to say something good or be quiet.


  8. Seeker says:

    i want to ask the one who would just critisize, do u know who is Professor Jonathan Brown? He recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago where his studies focused on the history of Islam, Islamic law, Qur’an and hadith, Islamic historiography, and hermeneutic traditions in Islam.
    We should have some haya’a brothers…

  9. ibrahim says:

    where did he study?, what islamic qualifications does he have? i am not criticizing, just want to know if he IS A SCHOLAR OF ISLAM, want to know if the info is comming from a man learned, not someone who converted and does not even know ARABIC.

  10. Seeker says:

    nobody told u he is a scholar of islam or a mujtahid who gives fatwas… if he once presented himself as being a scholar then we should ask him for ijaza and opinions of the scholars about his knowledge…
    Jonathan Brown is an academic researcher and talib ‘ilm.. we just need to pray for him as do all creatures of Allah even the fish in the deep seas..
    for those who are interested here’s a part of the cv of Dr Jonathan Brown:

    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
    Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

    Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World
    Advisory Editor, 2005-2008


    University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    Ph.D. in Islamic Thought, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations,
    2001-August 2006 with honors
    Minor: Modern Middle East History

    Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA), Cairo, Egypt
    Certificate in Arabic language, June 2000-June 2001

    Georgetown University, Washington, DC
    Bachelor of Arts in History, magna cum laude, May 2000
    Minor in Russian Language
    Phi Beta Kappa awarded junior year (May 1999)
    Completed Certificate in Islam and Muslim-Christian Understanding


    Arabic (fluent Classical, Egyptian and Saudi Arabic)
    Persian (advanced reading knowledge, fluent spoken)
    Urdu (basic)
    Epigraphic South Arabian (reading knowledge of Ma’inian, Sabaic and other dialects of ancient South Arabian)
    French (fluent reading and speaking)
    German (reading knowledge)


    History of Islam, Islamic Law, Qur’an and Hadith, Sufism, Salafi and Wahhabi Islam, Islamic Historiography, Hermeneutic Traditions in Islam, Early Islamic History, Modern Islam

  11. M says:

    Assalaam Alaikum,

    I almost laughed when I read the brother’s comment asking if he even knows Arabic. A professor of middle eastern studies at the University of Chicago once told me that Jonathan Brown probably has the best Arabic at the entire University! He has traveled, studied, and researched all over the world, from North Africa, to Egypt, to Yemen, to name but a few places.

    Aside from a commanding knowledge of formal and informal dialects (His Egyptian ammia would make you think he is actually egyptian), his grasp on the science and history of hadith is nothing short of amazing. It is perhaps because of his deep familiarity with ahadith that he has so much respect for the scholars of hadith.

  12. Faeza Moghul says:

    Dear brothers and sisters, seekers of knowledge, asalaamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu,


    May Allah raise our ummah out of ignorance.

    The part about having no adab is so true.

    RasoolAllah salAllahu alayhi wa ala alayhi wa salam said that he was sent but to perfect ADAB.

    I’m embarrassed for us and ashamed that this is what we have come to. I hope that Dr. Brown doesn’t see this exchange. It’s appalling and a true testament to our stupidity.

  13. JustMuslim says:

    Salam Alaikum

    Ibn Hazm, in the last chapter of his book, Kitab al-Akhlaq wa’l Siyar, delves on this matter, and `On the manner to attend study sessions.’ He begins by saying (p.114):

    “If you attend a study session, only behave like a man wishing to expand his knowledge and seeking a higher reward from God. Do not act like a man contend with what he holds, who is waiting for a weakness (from someone) to criticize (it or him), or an oddity to raise. This will be acting like vile people who have never mastered science.’

    ‘If you attend with good intentions you will obtain the best results. Otherwise just stay at home, awarding yourself rest, a good morality, and a salutary outcome in front of God.”

    And (in pp 114-5):

    “If you attended (a study session) strictly adopt three attitudes; there is no fourth.

    First : You can lock yourself in the silence of ignorance.

    Second: If you do not behave as such, ask for the questions a man seeking to learn asks…. This man will ask only about what he does not know, not about what he knows. Asking about matters one knows is making proof of ineptitude; this is only ranting, waste of time for everyone…. If the person you are questioning does not give satisfactory answers, stop questioning…

    Third: You can answer like a scientist, refuting clearly the other’s arguments. If you are not capable of that, do not insist….”

  14. muslimah says:

    assalam aliakum,
    wow i’m surprised subhan Allah, every lecture i come across, someone is judging….oh muslims, mind your business, i’m sure there is alot in you deed book, concentrate on fixing that…wsalam

  15. Muhammad says:

    ill watch the video soon. you guys are making a big fuss from the small comment made by the first poster- and extrapolating it to shame all muslims.

    I wish i heard of Jonathan. If he got his phD from Chicago, he probably knows Dr Sherman Jackson well!! In that case, he’d probably know Sheikh Naeem Abdul Wali very well as well!!!

    I love it when someone reaches for the peak of eloquence in the arabic language- Arabic Morphology ROCKS!!!! IF u have the chance- learn Sarf ASAP!!! It helps u to understand anbd appreciate the Quran.

  16. AH says:

    OK everyone – now lets have some comments on the video please. Has anyone actually watched the bayan yet? LOL

  17. Mrs.Khan says:

    Subhanallah, may Allah(swt)The Most Merciful bless the Brother in this world and the Hereafter. May Allah(The Most Beneficient raise his ranks, Ameen.
    Alhamad-u-lilallah; in Allah(swt)’s hands is the I’zza(honor) and Zilah(humiliation). JazakAllah

  18. MOD says:

    sometimes brother Jonathen just makes me feel strange

  19. Muslim says:

    Mashallah! It is an excellent lecture. Brother Jonathan must have a vast amount of knowledge.

  20. suha cassim says:

    what a discussion! Shame! Thank god and alhamdulilah to all those who refuted the ignorant!

  21. Usman says:

    I owe my whole life to one thoughtful lecture of Dr. Brown.
    Enough said.

  22. Mahdi says:

    What a horrible shameful first comment…

    I’m glad to see my other sisters and brothers responsed appropriately and address this matter. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism… But name calling should never been tolerated between us.

    May we all seek knowledge like brother Jonathan here…wsalam

  23. Hazidi says:

    Maybe he had his hands in his pockets because it was cold.

  24. faruq says:

    There are some crazy comments on here, I wish Muslims would raise their game. Anyway I’m not going into that.

    Anyone know of any freely available resources online to research Islamic historiography? I’m not talking 500 word summaries, I’m talking proper in depth info.

  25. is it possible to get this on mp3?

  26. Sa says:

    This man is incredibly intelligent, handsome, and probably far better muslims than whoever left those rude comments. Envy would not be a surpise.

  27. Zaynab says:


    I can’t believe Jonathan Brown has the guts to be on the internet. I took this man’s course and all he did was make fun of Islam, and put doubts in people’s minds (both Muslims an NonMuslims) about Islam and the legitimacy of the Prophet’s prophethood. At one point, he used a derogatory term to refer to the Prophet (saw), it was so disgusting I can’t even bring myself to say it. And at another point I asked him if he was Muslim, and he was so hesitant in saying so and said, “I guess so” and then he paused and said “yes,I am.” I’ve tried both in and outside of class to refute some of his outrageous and illegitimate claims, but he is an arrogant human being who wants to only adhere to his own perspectives, becasue according to him, he knows it all!!

    • Aideed says:

      May Allah stir all of us away from lame criticism……sister, please desist from spreading the fitna against our learned brother…..a lot of us are benefiting from him and I hope we should concentrate on what he present here rather than what his supposed sins are….if anyone has a better lecture on the subject please share…..but let us avoid pedestrian arguments…..if one cannot stomach academic discourse let them go for inspirational talks and leave the ulemas off our poisonous tongues. Please please let us focus on the discourse at hand and share our understanding of the lecture and ask for further clarification and further lectures rather than his manner of speech or clothing etc…Jazakalah

  28. Zain says:

    As salaamu Alaykum,

    Jazak’Allah khair to whoever posted this lecture. May Allah bless Br. Jonathan for his quest into and his dissemination of this science.

    Unfortunately, I find it difficult to believe some of the criticisms launched against him, especially by those who question his iman. For anyone who is enrolled at the UW should be familiar with the khutbahs he occasionally delivers at the Islamic House. To be a student at the UW and not to at least be aware that he is one of the kateebs at the campus masjid, makes any such claims to discredit Br. Jonathan suspect. Allahu A’alam.

  29. Bella Swan says:

    Dear Zaynab,

    First off, you have no right to go up to ppl and ask them if they are Muslim–it is none of your gosh darn business esp. in an intellectual environment. Stop prying your booger-ridden nose into places it doesn’t belong.
    If he has put doubts into your mind, maybe that says something about your iman (and character) to begin with. I believe non-Muslims leave his class with a positive/accurate view of Islam (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF WOMEN IN ISLAM-he’s too perverted to teach that properly but whatev).
    Clearly you are a FOB. I’m very sorry you did not learn anything from his class bc you missed out.
    The end.

  30. Zaynab says:

    Dear brothers and sisters! Allah knows best and He encompasses all things in His knowledge. He alone is my ultimate judge.Alhamdulilah, Allah has given me enough knowledge to separate falsehood from the truth, and when one is a believer he or she must fight with all their might to bring light to the truth even in the face of someone who seems “esteemed” and “prestigious” in other people’s eyes. I am a true Muslim. Peace out!

  31. Bella Swan says:

    It’s a pity your idea of being ‘Muslim’ includes insulting intellectuals who have way more credentials than your silly rants show you have. Your spewing of random Arabic words at me is not helping the matter either.
    Actually, what is more pitiful is how you and the rest of your goons at uw give all muslims a bad name and destroy ppls perceptions of islam with your backward notions and limited views.

    Wow, this is a dumb debate I’ve gotten myself into. If he wasn’t eye candy, I doubt I’d care bout this.

  32. zaynab says:

    Wow! You’re so enlightening! Glad to know you are a fan! Thanks for the feedback,

    Peace and love! Take care. Good comments, by the way! I love this stuff!!

  33. Bella Swan says:

    Awwww, sweetheart! Peace and Love indeed.

  34. D.GALAL says:

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  35. loveProphet says:


    Well one should look at the critical review of his book Canonization of Bukhari and Muslim by Hadith scholar Sheikh Dr GF Haddad:

  36. Shereen says:

    May Allah SubhanahuWaTa’la increase the knowledge of Brother Jonathan Brown. He is teaching Islam to – so called born Muslims who have no idea what is written in the Wise & Noble Qur’an. Is that alone not enough to ask Allah SWT to make his life easy in this Dunya and make him companion of the Jannah. Ameen.

  37. Akhee says:

    Zaynab represent the stupidity of the ummah.

  38. Zaynab says:

    Good job! Good to know you’re a fan.

  39. […] of Rasool and in the generations thereafter, the stringent selection criteria for narrators (e.g. Jonathan Brown – Hadith Collection and Criticism | Halal Tube). Bearing in mind as Muslims we too selectively accept ahadith. Our acceptance is based upon […]

  40. TS says:

    How old is this guy? He looks about 12. Anyway, kudos to him for working as a knowledgeable scholar in this field.

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