Ismail ibn Musa Menk Lectures

Don’t Harm and Don’t be Harmed

Qualities, Habits, Mindset and Paradise

Names of Allah: Al Affuw & Al Wadud

Wiping Out My Sinful Past

Dealing with Loss and Grief

Are you suffering?

Without A Life Vest You Won’t Survive

Preparing for a Good Death

Be Merciful Upon Yourself

Do Not Believe Everything!

The Traps of Shaitan

This will be an amazing Ramadan

Trust in Allah During Trying Times

How to Protect Yourself from Evil

Remedy Your Anxiety

The Best Remedy

Mental Health and Suicide

Do People Deserve Second Chances?

Ramadan Comes to an End

Allah Loves You!

Du’aa: The Game Changer

A Day in Ramadan

Month of Mercy & Forgiveness

A Unique Ramadan

The Month of Mercy has Come

Bringing the Masjid Home

Blessings from the Outbreak

Something Has Changed

What to do during hardship?

Powerful reminder to #StaySafeStayHome


Dealing with Differences

Different Interpretations in Islam

The Need For Religious Rehab

Why some Muslims deviate?

Doubting the Test

Simple Miracles

The Game of Life

Don’t Be Trapped

Why Your Doors Close?

What makes you happy?

Family & Community

The Reality of Departing from this World

Going on Holiday?

Speaking to the Pharaoh: Communication Skills

Mercy, Respect & Service

The Connection between Love and Obedience

Towards A Happy Family

Destroying Others or Building Them?

Tough times. Turn to Allah!

Effects of Irresponsible Speech

Solutions to your problems

What did they have?

The Search for Peace: Back to Basics

Issues in Marriage

Are We Losing Focus?

“The House has an Owner who will protect it!”

Building Bridges (Uganda)

Being Dutiful to The Merciful

Make the Most of It

What is Taqwa

Towards Human Happiness

Lessons from the Lives of the Prophets

Youth In A Daze, Lost In A Maze

A Fresh Start

Soften Your Heart with Ramadhan

Love, Care and Kindness

Lessons from the Post Hijrah period of Prophet’s (PBUH) life in Madinah

Run up to Ramadhan


Change must happen!

Hope in the Mercy of Allah

Muhammad ﷺ: Beacon of Tolerance

Islam: A Message of Peace

Those Who Depend on Allah

Importance and Methodology of Tolerance

The 7 under the shade of Allah

The New Zealand Shootings

The Repentant

Selflessness of Khadijah (ra)

The Shade of The Day of Judgement

Why They Loved the Prophet ﷺ

The Concept of Happiness and its Reality

How to Make Your Parents Happy

Keys to a Happy Home

Simple Ways to Brighter Days

Sincerity when Calling to Allah

Raising a Righteous Ummah

Watch How You Speak

The Prophet ﷺ: The Best Husband

Lessons from the Nights of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Being Productive

Your Own Book

Respecting Differences

The Best of People

Dealing With Life’s Struggles

Natural Disasters: The Islamic Response

Behold It Is Your Deeds

Why Build Bridges?

Hajj and Unity

Remembrance of Allah

Respect and Dignity

The Reaction

Path to Paradise

Achieving Excellence

Lessons on Justice and Mercy

A Rewarding Ramadan

When Ramadan Ends

Issues raised in Surah Nisa

When Ramadan Begins

Tolerance, Togetherness & Islam

Don’t wait for the Season (Ramadan)

The Prophet ﷺ In Makkah

The Reality of Life & the Heart

A Step Towards Peace

Blessings Of A Lawful Income

The Leaking Bucket

Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas

Building Bridges: Fitting In Without Giving In

We All Make Mistakes

Building Bridges: Benefits Of Forgiving Others

Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Abdur Rahman ibn Awf

Abu Bakr as Siddiq

Divine Inspiration

Respecting The Difference

How To Protect Your Good Deeds?

Wagging Tongues, Roaming Eyes

I am a Muslim

Qur’an: Gems and Miracles

Prophet Muhammad As A General

Ramadan: The Month Allah’s Mercy Descends

Benefits of Forgiving Others

The Sad Reality!

A Good Person

Qur’an: Revealed or Written?

Reach Out To Others


Bad Habits

The Youth And Realities Of The 21st Century

Our Youth the Leaders of the Future

How to perform Istikharah

Fiqh of Love

Importance of the Masjid

Is ISIS Islamic?

Indeed You Shall Be Asked

When Calamity Strikes

The Confused Muslim Today

The Month of Qur’an

The Productive Muslim

Solution To Our State Of Weakness

The Cry From the Masjid

Legacy Of The Prophet

Divine Light For Living Right

Concept of Godhood: Matters of Aqeedah in Islam

The Great Accusation

How Is She Different?

Who is a good Muslim?

Bonding The Hearts of the Ummah

A Friend in Need Is A Friend Indeed

Forgive and Cleanse the Heart

Pearls Of Peace From The Noble Qur’aan

Deviationist Tendencies In Islamic Beliefs, Thoughts & Practices

If Today Was Your Last Day

How many candles have you lit?

Cries of the Ummah

A Glimpse Of Paradise

What Do I Gain With All This Pain?

Blessings of Salaah

Purpose of Creation

The T’s of Marriage

The Impact of the Qur’an

Win the Battle Against Temptation

A Tour of Paradise

The Devil’s Plan

Tafsir of Surah al-Ankabut (Surah 29)

Temporary Pleasure

Responsibility of Youth

In Memory of Adeel Hussain: Reflecting on where we will die

Lessons On Matters Of Belief

Happily Ever After: Growing Marriage for a Lifetime

Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

The Blessings of Being in Makkah

The Wrong Motives of Life

Sabr: The Virtue of Patience

Stories Of The Prophets (Complete Series - 30 Videos)

The Prophet Muhammad

Diversity Through Unity

Stories of the Prophets (29-day series)

Misconceptions of Islam

Tafseer of Surah al-Fatiha

Taqwa (Consciousness of Allah)

Sustenance (Rizq is From Allah)

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