The T’s of Marriage

Ismail ibn Musa Menk


“If you want your marriage to be to the tee, here are some of the Ts to watch:

Taqwa (consciousness) of the Almighty
Trust one another. Don’t give reason to mistrust
Time spent with one another maximised. Don’t be late to come home unnecessarily
Tongue must be used to say the kindest words. Never vulgar or abusive
Talk to one another & communicate properly
Temper must always be controlled
Truthfulness never to be compromised
Tolerance of the differences here and there
Thanks & gratitude must be shown clearly and repeated verbally
Thoughtfulness & Tact in your actions & words especially when correcting one another
Troublemakers should never be a part of your friends.
Technology must be used to enhance your marriage, not to break it as many do
Tea and meals at home with family – absolutely priceless
Tahajjud (prayer) adds great value & spirituality whilst protecting from Satan”

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4 Responses to “ Ismail ibn Musa Menk – The T’s of Marriage ”

  1. Shamim says:

    May the almighty reward you for the good work to reform many and you are always in our duas sheik.

  2. SD says:

    This talk can also be renamed as, “The Terrific T’s of all Ties”

  3. Zoe says:

    Marsha Allah good lecture. Jazakamullahu khair.

  4. nafeez shariff says:

    Salaam alia kum brother I have always appreciate your energy and effectiveness and enthusiasm to relay every message of Allah SWT and our Beloved prophet SAW With all humbleness and sincerity the any time of the day or night I hear you no matter how many I always profit from it and gives me the feeling of contentment to be born in Islam with complete truth.There is no measure of my gratefulness to you but nevertheless I will always pray to Allah to make this duniya and akhira for you and your family in His highest esteem. Ameen

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