Omar Suleiman Lectures

Fear Must Go!

In God We Trust

Hadith Of The Sinking Ship and Staying Afloat As a Community

When Allah takes something away from you because He loves you

Ending the Debate on the Age of Aisha (ra)

Persist & Preserve Like the Giants Before You

The Sunnah of Paying Closer Attention to Those Around You

After Aqaba: Spreading the Message in Yathrib

Coping In Difficult Times

American Muslims: Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations

Suicide in the Community of the Prophet (pbuh) and Wishing for Death

How To Avoid Spiritual Numbness

Give History: The Great People of the Past Gave, Now It’s Our Turn

Protecting The Faith

Art of Forgiveness

Pitfalls of Despair

Sweat for Allah

Laws of Love

I Could Never Be Like Them Anyway

Being Independent of Creation

How the Brother of Khadijah (ra) Became the Shaytan of Quraysh

If I Ruled the World

Quran and Islamophobia

Islam, A Coherent Social Justice Tradition

Unchained: The Full Story of Bilal ibn Rabah

Bad Blood: The Road to Mending Relationships

Why Do Innocent People Suffer?

The Path to a Virtuous, Just Society

Fight Your Weakness

Knowing Allah Is Liberation

My Mom: My Role Model

Renewing Your Promise To Allah

To Love Allah, For Allah’s Sake

Your Actions, Your Salvation

In the Darkest Night

Personal Awakening Equals Ummah Awakening

Is There Hope for the Ummah?

Is Islam To Blame for ISIS?

Thoughts on Dallas Shooting and Black Lives Matter

Virtues of Laylatul Qadr

Ramadan Lessons from the life of Muhammad Ali

Let The Hearts Submit: Ramadan Preparation

Guidance from Surah Yusuf

“My Master, I appeal to You of my weakness…”

Surrounded by Signals: The Reality of Social Media

Endless Devotion: Remembering Those Who Remembered You

Cure for the Hearts: Quranic Solution for Personal and Social Problems.

Masjid Al Aqsa : The Occupied Sanctuary

Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live?

I’m too Afraid to Wear Hijab or Pray in Public

Ihsan With Allah, Ihsan Between Us

Why does Allah…?

How to be with the Prophet in Jannah

Reviving a Dead Heart

A Roadmap for Achieving the Renaissance

The Simple Math of Success: Self – Ego = Divine Change + Happiness

Following the Stars of Islam

Youth: The Lifeline of a Community

A Reflection of Greatness

Faith As A Source of Happiness

The “Ugliest” Sahabi?

Achieving the Goal of Life

Cherish Your Daughters

Your Audit: Courtesy of Internal Reckoning Service

The Search for the Sound of the Soul

The Night of your Life: Tafseer of Surah Al Qadr

Purification of the Soul in Ramadan

The Road Less Traveled

Love and Dating

Freedom in Islam

A Tribute to My Mom

The Day of Judgement

Fighting Zina

Buried in Mercy

Risky Business: Avoiding Innovation

Purify Your Soul by Perfecting Modesty (Hayaa)

Creme de la Creme: Uthman ibn Affan

The Youth Dilemma