Omar Suleiman Lectures

How to Make This Your Best Ramadan

Historic Ramadan Battles and Victories

Ramadan Joy and Gaza Depression

What Happens on the 15th Night of Sha’aban?

Why this Sha’aban is so Important

Is It All Our Fault?

How To Practice Daily Self Accountability

How Allah Will Mock Them

Oxford Union Address: “Islam is a test, not a threat.”

Worth More Than 1000 Men

Strategy & Support for the Palestinian Struggle

Why Them and Not Me?

Where Is Allah When The Ummah Hurts?

It Actually Starts with Tahajjud

Feeling Paralyzed by Stress and Fitna?

The Du’a Taught to Only 1 Prophet

When You Hit Your Lowest Point

When Your True Colors Show

Three Moments That Lead to Paradise

“Am I Really Sincere?”

The Blessing You Won’t Forget Next Time

What Are You Willing To Give Up For Allah?

From Bad to Better & Good to Great

The Best Forms Of Dhikr In Ramadan

The Life & Legacy of Ibrahim

How Allah Repays You For Your Honesty

“One Day You Will Remember What I Said To You”

Trusting Allah When Nothing Makes Sense

A Treasure of Paradise: The Benefits of La Howla Walaa Quwwata Ila Billah

Allah Does Not Let Good Go To Waste

When the Sahaba Met a Racist King

The Gravity of One Murder, and the Death of Justice

When Allah Forgives You in the Final Hour of Ramadan

Those who are not forgiven on Laylatul Qadr

Not all devils are locked up in Ramadan

What if I Fail? Delaying Commitment Due to Self-Doubt

From Adam to Abraham: ‘When My Servants Ask of Me, I Am Near’

When God Sends You a Dog or a Drunkard

Maintaining Peace at Home in Stressful Times

“Do not leave me to myself”

Consuming Too Much Bad News and the Danger of Despair

Neglected Blessings and Unique Opportunities of the Coronavirus

The Plague that Killed Sahaba and the Coronavirus

The Firsts (Episode 11): Abu Bakr (Part 3): There Will Never Be Another One

The Firsts (Episode 10): Abu Bakr: Setting His Own Standards

The Firsts (Episode 9): Abu Bakr: Second to None in the Pursuit of God

The Firsts (Episode 8): Ali and Fatima: From Love to the Pain of Death

The Firsts (Episode 7): The First Family: Ali (ra) and Fatima (ra)

Black History, American Muslims, and Conversations about Race

Muslims: Agents of Positive Change

Why do we grieve and what can we learn from celebrity deaths?

What’s in a Name and What’s Your Defining Quality?

The Firsts (Episode 6): Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra): Courageous & Steadfast

Explaining Islam with Rev. Dr. George Mason

The Firsts (Episode 5): Umm Ayman: The Woman Who Never Stopped Caring

The Prophetic Method of Teaching Uncomfortable Truths

The Firsts (Episode 4): Khadijah: His First Love, Our First Mother

The Firsts (Episode 3): Waraqa Ibn Nawfal: The First to Confirm Prophethood

The Powerful Prayer of a Mother

The Firsts (Episode 2): Zaid Ibn Amr (ra): A One Man Ummah

The Firsts (Episode 1): Trendsetters, Revivers, and Strangers

Malcolm & Martin: Intersecting Visions of Justice

Human Rights, Faith, and the Border

What Do You “Smell” Like?

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue, Numbness, and Burnout

Speaking a Word of Truth to a Tyrant

Torch Bearers: Streamlining the Sunnah

Becoming a Friend of Allah

Being Sincere on the path of Knowledge

Our Role as Muslims in The United States

Social Media and Spirituality: Online Drama and Onsite Realities

To Know Him is to Love Him

Husnul-dhan: Assuming the Best

Finding Purpose in Everything

Conflict Resolution: The Line Between Justice and Peace

A Prophetic Response to Tragedy

The Dark Path of Infidelity: Do Not Approach Zina

Do not be fear, nor grieve. A message to the Muslim community #NewZealand

Opening the Doors to the City of Light

Quran: The Light to the World

Give to others what we want from God

Compassionate Orthodoxy Finding the Middle Path

Trials of Social Media

Two Lights Enveloped in Darkness

You Ruled and you were Just. You felt Safe, so you Slept

Reviving Righteousness in Difficult Times

Death is Real: Live Life with No Regrets

Beyond Battles and Conquests: Islamic Civilization Spreading the Light

Sadaqa: Charity Beyond Money

Hypocrisy: Two Faces, One Destiny

Contextualizing the Life and Mission of Jesus

Authentically Reclaiming the Narrative about Islam and Muslims

Living Islam: Serving Humanity

Justice for Stephon Clark, Jordan Edwards, Jamilah Arshad…

Fiqh of Adoption and Fostering

Fear Must Go!

In God We Trust

Hadith Of The Sinking Ship and Staying Afloat As a Community

When Allah takes something away from you because He loves you

Ending the Debate on the Age of Aisha (ra)

Persist & Preserve Like the Giants Before You

The Sunnah of Paying Closer Attention to Those Around You

After Aqaba: Spreading the Message in Yathrib

Coping In Difficult Times

American Muslims: Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations

Suicide in the Community of the Prophet (pbuh) and Wishing for Death

How To Avoid Spiritual Numbness

Give History: The Great People of the Past Gave, Now It’s Our Turn

Protecting The Faith

Art of Forgiveness

Pitfalls of Despair

Sweat for Allah

Laws of Love

I Could Never Be Like Them Anyway

Being Independent of Creation

How the Brother of Khadijah (ra) Became the Shaytan of Quraysh

If I Ruled the World

Quran and Islamophobia

Islam, A Coherent Social Justice Tradition

Unchained: The Full Story of Bilal ibn Rabah

Bad Blood: The Road to Mending Relationships

Why Do Innocent People Suffer?

The Path to a Virtuous, Just Society

Fight Your Weakness

Knowing Allah Is Liberation

My Mom: My Role Model

Renewing Your Promise To Allah

To Love Allah, For Allah’s Sake

Your Actions, Your Salvation

In the Darkest Night

Personal Awakening Equals Ummah Awakening

Is There Hope for the Ummah?

Is Islam To Blame for ISIS?

Thoughts on Dallas Shooting and Black Lives Matter

Virtues of Laylatul Qadr

Ramadan Lessons from the life of Muhammad Ali

Let The Hearts Submit: Ramadan Preparation

Guidance from Surah Yusuf

“My Master, I appeal to You of my weakness…”

Surrounded by Signals: The Reality of Social Media

Endless Devotion: Remembering Those Who Remembered You

Cure for the Hearts: Quranic Solution for Personal and Social Problems.

Masjid Al Aqsa : The Occupied Sanctuary

Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live?

I’m too Afraid to Wear Hijab or Pray in Public

Ihsan With Allah, Ihsan Between Us

Why does Allah…?

How to be with the Prophet in Jannah

Reviving a Dead Heart

A Roadmap for Achieving the Renaissance

The Simple Math of Success: Self – Ego = Divine Change + Happiness

Following the Stars of Islam

Youth: The Lifeline of a Community

A Reflection of Greatness

Faith As A Source of Happiness

The “Ugliest” Sahabi?

Achieving the Goal of Life

Cherish Your Daughters

Your Audit: Courtesy of Internal Reckoning Service

The Search for the Sound of the Soul

The Night of your Life: Tafseer of Surah Al Qadr

Purification of the Soul in Ramadan

The Road Less Traveled

Love and Dating

Freedom in Islam

A Tribute to My Mom

The Day of Judgement

Fighting Zina

Buried in Mercy

Risky Business: Avoiding Innovation

Purify Your Soul by Perfecting Modesty (Hayaa)

Creme de la Creme: Uthman ibn Affan

The Youth Dilemma

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