A Tribute to My Mom

Omar Suleiman

5 Responses to “ Omar Suleiman – A Tribute to My Mom ”

  1. Ibtisam says:

    mashallah i love this lecture

  2. faiza says:

    MASHALLAH ! one of the best lecture I’ve ever heard. may Allah bless your mother, all our mothers and he them the highest level of jennah

  3. yamna says:

    it made me cry ,may Allah guide us all, ameen

  4. Mohammed Iqbal says:

    Shaikh you made me cry. May Allah bless you & your Mom & give her Jannatul Firdous. Ameen.
    Mohammed Iqbal. Miami Fl.

  5. saima rizvi says:

    its one of the most amazing and unbelievale story of a common person’s iman….MA
    May Allah bless your mother and all our mothers highest place in janna.
    Saima Rizvi
    Oklahom city…OK

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