Lectures on Depression

Suleiman Moola The Cure to Every Hardship

Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Don’t be Depressed: You do not Know Your Future

Bilal Philips The Islamic Cure for Depression

Abdul Nasir Jangda Beating Procrastination, Depression, Fear and Anxiety

Dunia Shuaib The Psychological Effects of Doing Good and Forbidding Evil

Yasmin Mogahed Mental Prison: Breaking The Habits That Shackle Us

Ismail ibn Musa Menk The Concept of Happiness and its Reality

Saad Tasleem Sadness and Depression

Yasmin Mogahed Spiritual First Aid: Taking Care of the Heart in a World That Neglects It

Omar Suleiman Suicide in the Community of the Prophet (pbuh) and Wishing for Death

Yaser Birjas Suicide and Mental Health in the Muslim Community

Yasir Qadhi Depression: An Islamic Perspective

Rania Awaad Stressed Out: The Struggle for Success

Yasir Qadhi With every difficulty there is ease

Kamal el Mekki How Can I Find Peace In My Life?

Dunia Shuaib Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, and Negative Thoughts

Yasmin Mogahed Resist Bigotry: Getting Mental Help

Navaid Aziz Raising Awareness on Suicide in the Community

Yasmin Mogahed Mind Over Matter

Saad Tasleem Addiction, Stress and Life’s Challenges

Yasmin Mogahed Finding Inner Peace and Balance

Wisam Sharieff Simple Ways To Brighter Days

Ismail ibn Musa Menk Hardships

Mohammed Faqih The Spring in my Heart

Yaser Birjas Social Discontentment: Leading Causes of Depression

Altaf Husain Distress, Isolationism, and Spirituality

Yasmin Mogahed Dealing with Depression

Yasir Qadhi Where Is The Satisfaction In Life?

Sulaiman Moola Depression vs. Contentment

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