Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Ramadan 2012 Series)

Ismail ibn Musa Menk

14 Responses to “ Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Ramadan 2012 Series) ”

  1. Sarah says:


  2. M says:

    Love this so much! JazakAllah

  3. Akram Ryan says:

    Love the lectures jazakallah khair Halal tube and to our Mufti Menk may ALLAH increase us knowledge and increase us the love of our prophet muhammad s.a.w amin !

  4. Melor Mohamed Mustakim says:

    The more i understand, the more i appreciate d struggles our Prophet saw and his companions go through to bring us this Deen. This understanding will be further enhanced when one visits Makkah mukarramah & Madinah munawarrah during hajj & umrah, InsyaAllah.

  5. Oh Brother Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Please declare yourself as Khalifa. You are fit for the job.

  6. immediately i cried when i read your comment,bro. MUHAMMAD SHAKIR cz i feel the same for him too.i beleived he could change the world and bring us back to the time of MUHAMMAD[pbu].
    May Allah Keep Him For This Ummah

    • nur aisha yu-gustaham says:

      Mashaallah may allah mercy to us here in DONIA
      listen for this lectuere and appreciate how to sacrifice propet MUHAMMAD to us
      imfact we are so lucy because allah open the door for us para magawa natin ang pinaguutos nya at ana lahat ng tao ma appriciate nila un lalo na ngayon sobrng dami ng evil here in global

  7. Rukia Haji says:

    Mashallah I’m hooked and love listening to this because I’m learning WAY more than i could ever apprectiate and about the Prophet we are supposed to love and emulate ..Mashallah its a blessing how he keeps making dua every few minutes like May Allah bless us all…

    I was just wondering .. who is the person reciting a few ayahs of surah al baqarah every time before a lecture starts? is it him or someon else?

  8. Ali Bhai says:

    is there any way to get the audio for this brothers?..jizakullah

  9. Aasif Nengroo says:

    May piece blessing and mercy of Almighty Allah to All of you
    It is realy a great work May Allah give you its best reward in terms of Janna and also help us to listen all these lectures and shear these with our family member and friends.
    May Almighty give you long and Happy life Love you Mufti Sahib..

  10. Nurr says:

    Is Menk the Khalipha I always think he’s the one whenever I look at him. But Allah knows best.

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