Pride: Disease of the Heart

Ismail ibn Musa Menk

9 Responses to “ Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Pride: Disease of the Heart ”

  1. Ramon says:


  2. Mohammad says:

    must listen
    Alhamdulillah good reminder

  3. maryam says:


  4. nasima says:

    very good,alhamdulillah

  5. zalia says:

    I love listening to musa menk. He is really a gook shyhk may God continue to bless his knowledge to teach us all the time. Ameen

  6. Azad Zaheed says:

    Masha Allah, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this particular talk in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Whilst all his lectures are considered to be “spiritual treats”,what possibly stands out most is the gifted ability of the learned Mufti to convey a striking message in the most palatable way to audiences. This he does in a manner that does not hurt the sentiments of any person/group. This way the message of goodness & truth is conveyed with clarity yet it is done with much wisdom and skill so as to preserve unity within the ranks of a community. May Allah bless the respected Mufti and we in Sri Lanka look forward to welcoming him as a regular visitor to our beautiful Island nation. Insha Allah.

  7. May Allah (SWT) give the sheikh the best reward for the service of His deen, Islam

  8. Mahamuda says:

    may ALLAHS” mercy be with The Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) ,the Sahabas and their household as well as the ummah in a whole.may the merciful creator grant us enough knowledge to propagate deen AL ISLAM

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