The Fortunate Muslim Family

Ismail ibn Musa Menk

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  1. Abubakar Kasim says:

    Mufti Menk is one of the best scholars to listen to. He has a sense of humor and knows how to reach hearts – masha-Allah.
    I am not sure if he has ever came to North America. I wish our organizations will invite him insha-Allah in the future to speak to us.
    He is certainly a humble scholar whom we should learn from. Among the best things I have heard from his is not to judge others even if you have long beard which reaches the ground and you are pulling it like a wedding dress. You can never be assured that you are going to go to Jannah. You just never know. It is better to be humble and avoid judging others. May Allah bless the Sheikh and his family. This is one of his amazing talks you never want to miss. Please pray for him and for all Muslims.

  2. Najat Ismail says:

    Allahu Akbar

  3. says:

    masha allah … he is amazing … he attacks our sins from nook n corner an v feel ashamed of our own selves… he has givn many more lectures an i m sure tat if one hears his 10 diff lectures they wud knw how superb is our religion an start respecting our religion an strt living a life as perfct mumeen.insha allah. plz do watch his lectures… it s nt boring at al…

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