Shariah, Violence, and Contemporary Issues

Jonathan Brown


Dr. Brown discusses sensitive topics that are incorrectly connected to Islam and Muslims such as honor killings.

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2 Responses to “ Jonathan Brown – Shariah, Violence, and Contemporary Issues ”

  1. Servant of Allah says:

    This guy is either murtad or munafiq or never was a Muslim (Wa Allahu a’lam), trying to infiltrate Muslim community to poison the mind of community. Please don’t even listen or trust a any of his words. I personally saw him personally assaulting sahabas and pay attention that he never mentions s.a.w. after Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s name. He is trying to further disunite our Muslim community which is already disunited, using Orientalist tricks. Be wary of such enemies of Islam!!!

    • Taki says:

      “Personally saw him personally slander sahabas…”
      Do you even realize that you are the one slandering another muslim with zero evidence?
      I’m not going to avoid knowledge just because a person doesn’t mention s.a.w after the prophets name. I will only stop listening to a scholar once he says something contradictory to the quran and sunnah.
      Keep your hate away from the ummah.

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