Winning the Battle against Islamophobia: Fighting Bigotry & Intolerance

Yasir Qadhi

6 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Winning the Battle against Islamophobia: Fighting Bigotry & Intolerance ”

  1. Belma says:

    do not agree this is the way to battle against islamophobia. would have agreed if islamophobia was indeed based on muslims and/or islam being baaaaaad.
    just like i don’t think nazi germans would have stopped his hatered if only the jews would have cahnged their ways and became better beliving jews who follow the torah.
    just like i don’t think the aparthaid or your own kkk (or slave plantages you gave up like yesterday) would have stopped if only those colored people would have changed their skin color.

    muslims are NOT the problem.
    haters, rasists, islamophobes, nazis ARE.

  2. Ali says:

    Best lecture I have heard on this topic…AMAZING.

  3. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Alhamduillah, jazakAllah for honoring the sister, may Allah grant her and her family supreme honor in the hereafter, ameen.

  4. Mu'adh Abd Allah Nafees says:

    Islamophobia will allow Muslims to reach those who never listened, and we have the book of Allah ta ala so let’s introduce it to the disbelieving world with every chance insha Allah.

  5. مزمل الدادابهاي says:

    باك الله فيه – May ALLAAH bless him. Great, moving, and thought-provoking lecture as usual. Although, I can’t help but agree with Sr. Belma’s comments as well, to a certain extent. This lecture was addressed to the Muslim, so I don’t have an issue with his premise, but his last comment to end the lecture: ” . . . that’s all you need to do!” is what I have an issue with, because it completely dismisses the entire role of evil in Islamophobia as Sr. Belma alluded to in her comments. I will give the Shaikh the benefit of the doubt and think that he just thought it was a good ‘closing punch’ to end the lecture with and not make that big of a deal with it. While a large part of Islamophobia is ignorance and misinformation which can be removed by the prescriptions of the Shaikh, there is still that component of purposeful evil and bigotry that is there. والله أعلم بالصواب – and ALLAAH knows best with what is correct.

  6. Ayda says:

    salams to all, my brothers and sisters this lecture was fantastic lecture and brother yasir really hit home with this lecture. if we as muslims are going to say nationalistic and tribal then islam will never prosper as those acts go against the very teachings of islam. May ALLAH guide us all. Ameen

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