Islamophobia: Between Fear and Action

Yasir Qadhi

From the 2010 Global Peace & Unity Event

6 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Islamophobia: Between Fear and Action ”

  1. Nadijah says:

    MashaAllah. A much needed speech. May Allah bless and protect those in danger and inshaAllah put peace in our hearts.

  2. humzah says:

    ma’ashallah.. great effort by halal tube..

  3. ummafrah says:

    Why people like Yasir Qadhi or other learned brothers have not pointed out to the organisers of The Global Peace & Unity event to have separate sitting arrangements for men and women which is such a basic thing in Islam! Muslims have to act seriously on the last bit what he said – we have to live Qur’an and Sunnah in our daily lives. Also the muslim cameramen should stop focussing on women while shooting!

  4. Sarah Amena says:

    WOW! MashALLAH! I love this brother! He is TRULY TRULY a blessing for our Ummah, him, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and so many brothers are such gems!

  5. Ali Bappu says:

    Most of them keep Deen in heart,brother Yasir one among ready 2 spell out,fear Allah(swt)only.V can pray 4 his success here & after.

  6. Mohamed from Norway says:

    Masha’allah! Allahu Akbar!!!

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