To My Angry Muslim Brother

Nouman Ali Khan


In this Khutbah, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan discusses the recent events in the Muslim world surrounding the protests of an anti-Islam video.

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21 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – To My Angry Muslim Brother ”

  1. Ahmad B says:

    I love Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, may Allah SWT reward him, and have benefited greatly from his lectures but I have to say that I respectfully disagree with him when he says that we shouldn’t be angry at the people who have insulted our Prophet (pbuh). It is a sign of our iman that we feel angry when such blasphemous things are said/done. What we shouldn’t do is let our anger cloud our judgment so that we react inappropriately. Just my humble opinion wAllahu alim

  2. Ibn Percy says:

    Sh. Nouman is right. We should not be angry at the person. We should be angry at the act like you said.

    Hate the sin not the sinner.

  3. Umar says:

    Salam, how can you now justify your saying looking at the saying of the Rasulullah SAW that you should love or hate one for the sake of Allah? those people attacking the dignity of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) should be hated for the sake of Allah.

  4. Khan says:

    Mad respect for Nouman Ali Khan. He speaks wisdom and the truth. It’s sad that some young muslim people are reacting with anger when instead they should try to help change the way islam is mispercieved and leave the rest up to Allah.

  5. sunny says:

    Remember the story of the old lady who spits at the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) daily until one day she was sick and was visited by the Prophet….our Prophet did not hate her but instead missed her and was concerned for her…learn from our Prophet…

  6. Dr Ajmal says:

    May Allah protect Br Noman Ali khan from all the evils. Ameen. He is saying the truth that no ” Alim” is dare to say on this stupid reaction of our muslim brothers. We are insulting our Deen more than non not paying attention to ” Kalam Ullah” and Sunnah of our beloved prophet SAW. Brother Noman’s advice is compareable to a Prophet Jeremiah Alihisalam. who tried to make ” Bani Israel” understand the real threat in the era of Nebuchadnezzarr”. If we ever have the time to know the history of ” Bani Israel” and Quran. May Allah help us in this period of Turmoil in Muslim Ummah. Ameen.

  7. Henna says:

    Reaction comes natural

  8. Percy bin Ireland says:

    Dr. Ajmal, how come your English grammar is so weak? Are you an MBBS doctor from Pakistan?

    • Javed says:

      @ Percy bin Ireland.Do not search for somebody’s grammatical mistakes in English Language, you may comment on his views. By the way your English is also weak, (an MBBS Doctor is wrong, a MBBS doctor is correct). Did you ever attend any school? Can you speak Dr. Ajmal’s mother tongue properly? Remember when you point a finger at somebody, three of your own fingers are pointing towards you.

  9. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Alhamduillah. Every Muslim has the right to get angry when the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is ridiculed. Sadly we don’t realise our anger is only destroying us. Allah swt. has honoured the Prophet saw. Himself. Fitnah upon fitnah is coming at us. The Prophet has already mentioned in the hadith for us to direct ourselves and Allah swt. has given us the Book of Great Knowledge. We don’t understand the Quran, we don’t understand the Hadith, that itself should make us angry like Bro. Nouman said. If the movie was worst, now the French paper is wanting to publish cartoon of the Prophet saw. naked, its going to get worst as the Prophet has mentioned. May Allah swt GUIDE us with Taqwa so that we will come out winners as He has promised us. We have to do our Part, fighting with Patience and not Anger. The worst has not come. Lets educate ourselves and especially our children. Ameen. I have written this message to DEFEND MY MESSENGER SAW. I love him dearly and looking forward inshaAllah to see him and drink from his blessed hand because will be waiting for us with the smile in Jannah. Allahu Akbar!

  10. M mazher says:

    PHD doctor

    • james says:

      be patience to non-believers, show them with calm and undrstanding….thats the way we can bring them to a right path (islam).hatred is one of the behaviour of shaytan..rember when mohammad(pbuh) preaching islam in taif, he suffered a lot..when an angel approach him if he want to destroy the people of taif, he said no, because he hope someday people there, will undrstand islam..

  11. muslim117 says:

    what will we say when inquired in the grave : ” man nabeuka” who is your prophet . what would have been our response if someone made a similiar movie on our loved one

  12. Zubair says:

    How Prophet was reacts when somebody mistreats him …. teaches me how should I react when I face the same situation.
    It does not teaches me how should I react when somebody insult my Prophet saw.
    Secondly, reaction in Muslim countries is natural.
    In some countries protests goes violent .. but that is natural there… those countries always have violent protests whatever the issue is …
    If we do not protest or show anger, next time they come up with the more worst thing … but in my opinion exact way was to call a emergency meeting of UN by all Muslim countries and ask the world to make a law like antisemitism

    Allah knows best ….

  13. maliha says:

    In a hadith (sahih bukhari) prophet pbuh told his companions not to insult their fathers. The companions asked, why would anyone insult their own father. The prophet pbuh replied that when you insult some body’s father and that person in retaliation says something derogatory to your father, in effect, you have insulted your own father since you started the whole thing.
    When someone insults our prophet or a loved one, we should VERBALLY remind them that they are being hurtful and ignorant. Allah willing, there will be a change of heart. If they continue, ignore…. are they really worth our time and attention?

  14. azam says:

    I’d expected brother Nouman to give this kind of view.. This is similar to the Quran burning event that’d happen before. With all the examples from the quran and the hadits..the explanation is so clear and satisfying…

  15. salsabeel says:

    mashallah….Excellent………Its worth listening….
    have patience ……….

  16. riyaz says:

    Great talk. May Allah bless you. This is high time that we call spade a spade. Lets raise our voice against those who destroy our religion, the black sheep of our own community.

  17. Zakaria says:

    He is so right .. that is islam he is talking.

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