Embracing Islamophobia

Yasir Qadhi

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4 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Embracing Islamophobia ”

  1. Mostafa says:

    Interesting. Now Al-Maghrib is conducted talks with the same aesthetics as Reviving the Islamic Spirit, after Yasir Qadhi was invited to speak at one of their conventions. Interesting how some of Al-Maghrib’s YouTube fans go around speaking ill of the convention, when Al-Maghrib itself is pulling from RIS.

  2. Rahma says:

    Muslims who speak ill of educated Muslims who are playing a part in serving the Ummah, are not very smart.

  3. karima says:

    i loved it jazaka allah knayr

  4. Izmir says:

    Fenomenal speech. A muslim who has knowledge and is free of negativity appreciates this.

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