LoveStruck: The Girls, The Guys & The Gaze

AbdelRahman Murphy


Imam AbdelRahman Murphy discusses the dangers of interacting with the opposite gender in un-Islamic ways.

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    • Zubaida Abdul Aziz says:

      Assalamu alikum,
      jazakkAllah khair for the beautiful speech. I was searching for this topic , as now-a-days you ve to sent your daughters and sons to coeducational institutions. ( most of the proffessional colleges in India r co.) When I ask to ppl., they say donot sent your kids there. I think thats not the solution. If you can make aware of these fitnas and fasads , how to keep away from these , it will help them. if you enlighten more on this topic , it will be very helpful. As it became trend in colleges to ve boy nd girl friends as a status to make these kids aware of these problems. Recently , one of my student suicide, because his parents didn’t allow him to marry the girl he loves. a muslim girl married to a non-muslim. Another trend is , they don’t want get married believing it is out of fashion. it is really scaring .dont know how to wake up these kids. thanks again
      A muslim mother

  2. - says:

    Main points:

    1) Whatever you see or hear will affect your heart, so protect your heart, the most valuable part of you
    2) One who does not keep his heart protected will desentisize himself to the haram, so much that he will begin to find the halal disgusting

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