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Respecting Parents

Nouman Ali Khan

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12 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Respecting Parents ”

  1. Hera says:

    Thank you so much for making me relize my mistakes. May allah grant you Jannat

  2. mayeser says:

    Jazakallah-u-khair for the quick reminder

  3. Hormah says:

    i really needed this,

  4. nausheen says:

    I made my children listen to this lecture several times. Its a profound message from Allah and well explained by Noman Ali Khan. It is just as important for adults as it is for the kids to be reminded of our duty towards Allah and our parents. I enjoyed listening and follow all the lectures. Jazzak Allah

  5. kijkcvjki says:

    Great! Great job Khan!

  6. anonymous says:

    Jazak Allah!!

    I recite Quran daily and with translation.

    I have a problem with my father- and mother- in law. They try to come between me and my husband’s relation and try to destroy it. I always ask him to have a talk with them and tell them politely that it is destroying their own son’s relation with his wife. But unfortunately my in laws keep complaining about my parents to my husband to create a conflicting situation. I always stay quite but I believe they should realize if they are my husband’s parents then I have parents too. They also shout at me and use bad words for me. I don’t understand anything anymore. I just stay quite and tolerate this disrespect not only towards me but my parents as well.

  7. Saniya says:

    Jazak Allah

  8. Khan says:

    My father goes to fortune tellers, discusses his family problems with the so called mullas who tell him that someone has done magic and that they will sort out everyting. These so called mullas also have the photos of all our family members. My father thinks Isalm has given him the right to give more to one child and less to the other. How do you handle this? He expects me to do all his business related work for him when I have a husband and 4 kids, yet he believes that his buisiness will be inherited by my older brother. I cant say that I have to ask my husband as that is disobedience and he shouts . What am I to do??

  9. Nour says:

    salamou alaikoum

    Thank you very much for this reminder. I have a question please, I really need to understand a point: my father is unfair and agressive towards my mother and this have been the case since I’m born. I’ve always seen this injustice but I never have the right to talk or to confront him cause he gets angry. I am my mother’s confident, she told me all what she’s been through. One day I realised I’ve always acted roughly with my father cause my heart is filled with rancor towards him. Since then I keep trying to be the best with him but whenever he does someting bad again to my mother I just can’t control it, I try to avoid him and I just can’t talk to him like if nothing has happened. I can’t hide my feelings anymore.
    I know that Allah is angry when one of my parents is angry at me, but am I going to be punished because I can’t hide my disagreement to my father when he hurts my mother???

  10. Saira says:

    Allahu Akbar

  11. Salwa Sarwer says:

    Asalam alaikum,

    I’ve been writing facts about your lectures ever since I started watching them but for this one I just kept thinking of what I’ve been doing these past few years to my parents. Now I think that I should change my actions now that I listened to this lecture, Jazzakallah!!

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