Three Types of Modesty

AbdelRahman Murphy

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  2. Warda says:

    JazakAllah khair brother. may Allah bless us all ameen

  3. Abd Rahman says:

    Masha Allah very good lecture, may Allah (swt) reward the brother and increase him in good. Just 2 small mistakes I think he made. The command for prostration was given to the angels and all for the other creation surrounding the angels. If you read the tafsir of the ayah you can see that. So it would not have been right for Iblis to simply say that “You did not command me to prostrate”. No, rather he was commanded but he refused. Also it is not true that all Abrahamic faiths praise Mariam (as). There are some Jews who speak evil about her, this is well known.

    But again other than these 2 small errors, it was a very good lecture. Brothers and sisters today need more ilm and need more encouragement. I am guessing that masjid which that brother went to everyday for Fajr did not have such programs. I think if it he might not have done what he did.

  4. AbdelRahman Murphy says:

    Also, one mistake when quoting the ayah, I quoted the beginning of 2:30, when I should’ve quoted the beginning of 2:34 (similar, but different phrasing).

    Allah is Perfect and we are imperfect.

  5. Arda Ceyhan says:

    Mash Allah it was such a great speech. I loved it very much… Allah bless you my brother…
    My question is that at one point during your speech When you were talking about Meryam (a.s.), you mentioned that Islam does not accept suicide nor wishing for death what i agree with and after u mentioned something like `except one condition` and you never said what that condition was or maybe i misunderstood your point. I would like to know what that condition is or correct me if i misunderstood you please.

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