Quran: The Book of Timeless Guidance

Nouman Ali Khan

8 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Quran: The Book of Timeless Guidance ”

  1. Abd Rahman says:

    Masha Allah very beautiful lecture, may Allah (swt) bless broter Nouman and increase him in guidance and knowledge.

    All the Shuaib Webb fans should listen to this. Brother Nouman tells us here the dangers of emphaszing too much on Allah’s Mercy. It leads you to false hopes.

  2. Suhail says:

    Brother Abd Rahman: Let’s not forget however, Allah is the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful. Yes, we should avoid and repent for the things we do that Allah does not look favorably upon, however I think He would rather forgive us than punish us.

  3. suhail v. says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum,
    That is why the scholars have mentioned that we should be like the bird with two wings that of Hope and Fear. If either outweighs the other than there is trouble.

  4. Salima says:

    May Allah provides us with many brothers and sisters like brother Nouman who explains verses so clearly, connecting to the life.

  5. Farook says:

    very good lecture, Thanks

  6. moustafa hassan says:

    Al salamo alaikum brother. Allah blessed us with you. you are masha Allah clearly a brother seeking for the knowledge and making it available for us others. we shall inshaa Allah meet in al ferdaos al a3la.
    I am an arab but I follow all your lectures in english. sub7ana Allah I have difficulty finding equal lectures in arabic so I follow your english lectures. alhamdo lil Allah. it is a gift. hope to see more of you.
    al salamo alaikum

  7. Sarah says:

    whats the name of the surat is he talking about?

    And great lecture mashallah. I really enjoyed listening to it.

  8. gunay says:

    Nouman Ali khan is just grat in Quran Tafseer , after listening to it you want to study Qur’an so strong 🙂 He have answered to my main guestions , Jazaka Allah Kheir to You Sheikh , Halal Tube and all you have watched !:)

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