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Islam & Dating

Abdul Malik

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21 Responses to “ Abdul Malik – Islam & Dating ”

  1. latifa says:

    i like dis lecture it really helped me n knockd alot of common sense into me n it really did stop me from doing dumbness like dating n i hope AllAH forgives me 4 dat coz dis reali taught me dat is not hw u go about it n da advice abdul malik gave on dis lecture helped 2 open my eyes dat dating is reali like playin wiv fire n it was reali a way of lookin 4 myself 2 get hurt so 4 dat reason i stoped dating 4 da sake of allah n inshallah 1day da rite 1 wud cum along sum hw

  2. AAESHA says:

    WELL SAID!!!!

  3. Mahdi says:

    Aaesha lets get married sister (lol). great lecture wallahi open my eyes as well.

  4. elaney says:

    how to download this video? well done 😉

  5. sho sho says:

    this is wonderful!!! very helpful! the common sense in this is like so out there and stuff. we watched it at our friday youth group 🙂

    from all the girls:
    yayaaaa!!!! great video!

  6. AR says:

    just awesome. Dating is definitely not the solution in real life…only in indian movies.

  7. Asiah Ismail says:

    Jazak Allah Khayran Br. Abdul Malik.
    To all my Muslim brothers and sisters who is listening to this lecture, listen carefully and let it penetrate into your heart. Br. Abdul indeed speaks the truth and the reality of what is going on in our society these days. This is a great lecture, great reminder for our Ummah.
    Masha’ Allah I was blessed with the most wonderful marriage for 19yrs with my late husband, may Allah place his ruh in the better place, ameen. We never stop to date, communicate, educate each other until the very end of his life. He treated me as if I was more then a diamond, and I treated him as if he was worth more then million dollars. When you have all these value as what the brother talks about, Insha Allah nothing will crumble your marriage no matter what the trials might be Allah swt put you to go through in life. Yes, marriage is one of the best gift in life.

  8. hodan says:

    salam alaikum brothers &sisters.
    maashalah may alaah reward bro abdulmalik,he was so real,walahi dating is geting in to a wrong channel,it is losing ur time with a useless sinful activity,i stopped dating before a year for the sake of allah and i hope that i will get righteous husband without haram dating insha alah.
    pls make du’a for me.

  9. Greetings from London. This is a nice site. I’m wondering if you have any advice about staying out of the friend zone with girls? I’m really tired of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Maybe I’m being too much of a nice guy?

  10. hawa shaikh says:

    alhamdullilah its agreat topic chosen which is the must for our youth today inshaallah by listening to this our muslim youth will be away from this filth and save themselves from the hell fire

  11. Mohamad Ali says:

    Macha allah

    I am so going to email Shaykh Abdul Malik lool

  12. Roua says:

    If I want to ask shayk Abdul malik how would i do this? Is there an email?

  13. FJ says:

    Yes, his email address is knowledgespeaks@hotmail.com. He states his email address at the end.

  14. Alesia says:

    I Loved This Lecture Alhumudlillah,, <3

  15. det bedste sex dating site…

    […]Abdul Malik – Islam & Dating | Halal Tube[…]…

  16. shabbir says:

    i want to this lecture but i dont now how i can leasen. because i new in tweet plz guide me any 1.

  17. Abdurahman says:

    this is a great lecture

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