Love Struck II

Nouman Ali Khan

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6 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Love Struck II ”

  1. ali says:

    Mashallah! Another eye-opener! This lecture literally points out things which can be improved in any marriage.

  2. muslimah says:

    a beautiful lecture trust, courtesy, respect n giving importance are the principles discussed

  3. Ummafrah says:

    sometimes,we listen to very indepth tafaseer by our ulema whom we respect a lot; we study and answer the question papers in the markaz, get our islamic certificates and thats it; go back home and argue/fight with our husbands. Subhanallah! this simple lecture without any ahadeeth or references has taught me so much abt my husband in just half hour. Jazakallah khair brother Nouman.

  4. Aneesh Koya says:

    Great lecture by Br. Nouman
    Such an outstanding counselling (advice) for those who got married as well as for those who are going to be married.
    We need such lectures to improve the institution of marriage in our ummah.
    Jazzakallah Khair

  5. Mary says:

    Amazing…just amazing

  6. Rimzan says:

    InshaAllah! Hope to see you in sri lanka as well..

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