Confident Muslim: On Finding Your Purpose and Investing in the Youth

Ibn Ali Miller


One year ago, #ConfidentMuslim Ibn Ali Miller was a construction worker working 10-12 hours a day to provide for his family. Since then, a video of him breaking up a street fight in his neighborhood went viral, shared and praised by athletes and celebrities. Now, he travels the world as a motivational speaker, advocating for underprivileged Muslims in the inner cities.

During the Confident Muslim session at MAS ICNA Annual Convention 2017, Ibn Ali discusses the struggles of the youth in his community, the teacher who invested his time, knowlege, and money in him and the difference it made in his life, and the importance of finding your purpose.

Stay tuned for the complete “Islam and the Inner Cities” talkshow with Ibn Ali Miller and Sh. Omar Suleiman.

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