Burn Out Phenomenon

Yasmin Mogahed


We sometimes an experience a “high” after short period of increased knowledge, but when it ends we are burnt out and lose focus. Why does this happen? What is this “Burn Out Phenomenon”?

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5 Responses to “ Yasmin Mogahed – Burn Out Phenomenon ”

  1. Sameena Hamza says:

    good try to bring people to the ultimate fact! ALHAMDULILLAH!

  2. Riyaz says:

    good talk, God bless you sister

  3. Seyran says:

    jazaka Allahu khair

  4. ummyaqub says:

    Salam alaikom wa rahma’tullah wa barakatohu, I wondered about the ince, are they aware of what they have become, the purpose of their interactions, or is it more that they have perhaps bitterness, envy, jealousy, [barely] hidden hatred or even illness? Obviously they come form all walks of life etc… but I wonder does my understanding of shaytan have a correct understanding, do people and jinn have a conscious understanding that they are trying to harm you? Wonderful equipping lessons dear sister, jazaki Allahu khair wa barak Allahu feekom.

  5. muslim says:

    very good but I don’ t see relation with the title.

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