Advice to the Muslim Youth of Pakistan

Nouman Ali Khan

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  1. Abdul Jaleel says:

    Alhamdulillah, An inspiring speech by br. Nouman Ali Khan. The on going events in the whole world is amazing. Allah swt has His own plan. The mode of change came by word of of mouth. Internet, face book, and cell phone brought the revolution to the Middle East.The simple fact the oppression and corruption is not part of Islam.The darkness could be eliminated by the youth.They should be the torch bearers of the future.

  2. […] Nouman Ali Khan – Advice to the Muslim Youth of Pakistan Nouman Ali Khan – Advice to the Muslim Youth of Pakistan […]

  3. Ummati says:

    Indeed we are the Muslim Ummah alhumdulilah. It is time we realize the responsibility and the privilege that entails insha Allah 🙂

    P.S. brother nouman ali khan, you have to come to karachi too! 😀

  4. Zubair says:

    Excellent message to Pakistani youth ..
    Infect the whole Muslim youth needs to realize the double stands in their community, which we have established in the name of so called ‘culture’. and for that knowledge and practice of Islam is necessary

  5. Ahmad says:

    Jazakum Allah Keir…Great Lecture…applicable to all… not just Muslim youth in Pakistan…Can someone at Halaltube make this lecture downloadable?

  6. Shahid says:

    JazakAllah Khair great lecture for all specially young muslims , i recommend all parents to play this with their entire family listening. Inshallah it will bring the desired change. we listen to lot of stuff but without neyyah of bringing change in our life style. May Allah Brother Noman for the great work Ameen

  7. Farhan says:

    Thank you and JazakÁllah khair, dear Brother Nouman! Your advice is very inspiring and a great reminder. May Allah reward you highly! and May Allah give us, the Pakistani youths and youths of the whole Muslim world to understand in truth the message of Allah and be His true servants. Ameen!

    • Farhan says:

      Correction: .. and May Allah give us, Pakistani youths and youths of the Muslim world, Toufeeq (ability) to undertand…

  8. tayyaba says:

    jazakALLAH noman bhai and MashaALLAH itz to good discussion,full of knowledge and a very clear point of view.All the three parts of discussion are great and especially the second half,i m also facing such kind of problem,although i m living in muslim community and have a little bit religeous femily yet i m facing alot of problems in wearing hijab,sometimes its become so difficult for me to continue it but i always seek help from ALLAH and pray that ALLAH help all those who are facing problems in the implementattion of knowledge of islam in their lives,aameen

  9. maria says:

    I am inspired! really!

  10. Ahsan says:

    shaykh noman we love you all the way from Pakistan, very pertinent advice…we do have chaotic interpretations of islam in pakistan and I believe though toublesome at times it should really uplift those who dont understand this chaos to study islam acadamically and then pay back to the society. Pakistan needs your advice, may Allah enable us to implement it and work for Islam in Pakistan and rest of the world.

  11. Safia says:

    I am inspired too…

  12. Ayesha says:

    Worth to listen.

  13. Maryam says:

    an inspirational speech indeed…. INSHA ALLAH all of us who listen to this video will bring change in ourselves to be role models…. may ALLAH make it easy for us.. Ameen

  14. muhammad says:

    what if you’r kid, should you act like adult ? yes or no. I’m 10 years old. My name is Muhammad Saadoon. i am also Pakistani. please reply.

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