The Search for the Sound of the Soul

Nouman Ali Khan


This lecture is from Continental Conference 2012. #msacc2012

“Therefore, stand firm in your devotion to the upright faith – the nature made by Allah, the one on which mankind is created – and the laws of Nature ordained by Allah cannot be changed. That is the standard of true faith, but most among mankind do not know.” (30:30)

We are God’s greatest creation, perfect and innocent in our childhood. This is the beginning, the moment where we are precisely calibrated to the Truth. It has been described as our inherent nature, but since we are bombarded by modern dogma, human philosophies, and tampered traditions, it gathers dust waiting to be known again. Therefore, we ask the question, what is our true nature and why were we given it? And if we are to rediscover this natural state of ours, it certainly may need some polishing in order to see our unblemished reflection again. As a result, we may find something we had felt all along but simply ignored.

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9 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – The Search for the Sound of the Soul ”

  1. Abu says:

    Mashallah, this brother has super duper advice for fathers (muslim and non muslims alike)

  2. none of the lecture on halal tube is opening, plz tell me the reason?? i was so happy to find a youtube’s replacement…HELP…………….

  3. Nadia says:

    There is no video in the space where it should’ve been. For every video on your site. It’s blank. :s What should I do?

  4. malik says:

    i agree with nadia
    i myself have tried couple of times but nothing shows up its all blank
    please help

  5. ihsanhh says:

    Nadia & Malik,
    What browser do you use? If you are using Mozila Firefox there is a bug in the latest version. It does not open any video. Try using other than Mozila. Or if you prefer Mozila try google for solution on your mozila.

  6. sisterA says:

    Salaamalaik, thank you brother nouman, im trying to reclaim my fitrah,now that i know that was what is missing. I would also like to say if i may add its difficult to maintain that purity for those muslim converts and others who have not grown up as muslim, because we are not raised in muslim environments.
    . I would suggest the remedy for that situation would be sincere prayers and desire to please Allah (swt) ,thru accurate behavior and thinking before speaking, much dua and self-reflection, take a pen and paper set goals for yourself to achieve perfection in aspects of your character which needs improvement., review daily , team up with someone you respect who is striving for the same.,

  7. Sakinah says:

    I love every lecture that Brother Nouman Ali Khan has made. He is incredably easy to understand, and his passion about Islam and our Quran is contagious. I cant help but learn to love Allah and the Quran the more I listen to his lectures and reflect on what he teaches me. Jazakam Allah kyrun Brother for all your hard work, and to all those who help him make his lectures available to us on the internet.

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